UPDATE: Let's See If I'm A Winner

UPDATE:  Eagle-eyed reader Joe of the Cobb and Halladay blog noticed that to win the game I needed to find all three "27s" before getting one out [not the three outs that I thought originally]!  So I was a loser right from the start!  

I found this unscratched contest card from 1992 Topps while sorting some commons and so let's see if I can win a prize!  Here's a list of things I could possibly when if I scratch these circles in the right order:

--a card show Topps buying spree
--a ToppsGold complete set
--a pack of ToppsGold cards

So let's begin...I have to find the three "27" spots without getting three outs.

One swing and a force out.  This could be done really quickly.

My 2nd attempt and a strike out.  0-2.  

Get your rally caps on boys and girls...It's the 2004 Red Sox all over again.  

Another "27"!  I more and it's time for "do you believe in miracles?"

Alas, poor Matt F. has flown out for my 3rd out.  

And what would my prize have been?  A pack of 10 ToppsGold cards.  If I had pulled off the comeback I would have needed to send my card in by January 1st 1993 so I'm just eighteen years too late.  


Dhoff said…
I remember, as a kid, the dealers at my LCS holding these up to the lights to see through the back and find the winning numbers. It just seemed wrong after I'd lost so many times.
Joe said…
I'm not sure but it seems to read that you have to match the stat 3 times before you get "an out" rather than 3 so this seems like a long shot.
Matt Flaten said…
Thank Joe for pointing that out. I've updated the post to show I failed right from the start.