August 28, 2011

UPDATE: Let's See If I'm A Winner

UPDATE:  Eagle-eyed reader Joe of the Cobb and Halladay blog noticed that to win the game I needed to find all three "27s" before getting one out [not the three outs that I thought originally]!  So I was a loser right from the start!  

I found this unscratched contest card from 1992 Topps while sorting some commons and so let's see if I can win a prize!  Here's a list of things I could possibly when if I scratch these circles in the right order:

--a card show Topps buying spree
--a ToppsGold complete set
--a pack of ToppsGold cards

So let's begin...I have to find the three "27" spots without getting three outs.

One swing and a force out.  This could be done really quickly.

My 2nd attempt and a strike out.  0-2.  

Get your rally caps on boys and girls...It's the 2004 Red Sox all over again.  

Another "27"!  I more and it's time for "do you believe in miracles?"

Alas, poor Matt F. has flown out for my 3rd out.  

And what would my prize have been?  A pack of 10 ToppsGold cards.  If I had pulled off the comeback I would have needed to send my card in by January 1st 1993 so I'm just eighteen years too late.  

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