February 28, 2011

Everybody's Got A Record: Lou Berberet Edition

**In this series we strive to prove the universal truth that every baseball player holds some kind of record.**

Lou was a great defensive catcher who played with four teams over six season. Lou was a good defensive catcher that he is one of only four full-time catchers to have a perfect 1.000 fielding percentage for a season.

1958 Topps #383 Lou Berberet

Heartbreaking Damage #9: Packers Checklist

**In this series we highlight the cards that may have seen better days but the rough times these cards have seen have made them infinitely more interesting.**

Last time on Heartbreaking Damage, we had a Roberto Clemente checklist and today we have another, this time from the NFL. By 1974 the stars of the Packers 60's championship teams were gone but the hardcore Packers collector wouldn't be discouraged.. They would get this team set done if it was the last thing. But as life sometimes does, something got in the way. Maybe it was going to showings of the Godfather Part 2 or maybe it was laughing at fart jokes in Blazing Saddles but the set never quite got finished and now the checklist is joining my Packer collection.

1974 Topps Packers Team Checklist

February 27, 2011

Sometimes You Get Sent Ted Williams and Babe Ruth Cards In The Mail By Accident

Last week I won a "buy it now" auction for a copy of Vic Power's 1959 Topps card for my Vic Power Card Of The Week series.

It was $4.00 and free shipping so I was expecting a white paper envelope and a card in a top loader.

Yesterday I received a larger than expected padded envelope. I ripped it open and low and behold Vic Power was nowhere to be found. Although, I did find Ted Williams, Babe Ruth, Nap Lajoie and an unknown New York Jet. Take a look:

Pretty nice right? A few years ago I sold a lot of my CD collection on eBay and Amazon and on a couple of those orders I sent the wrong CD to the customers. It was a huge headache to clear up but I luckily made it through without getting negative feedback. But my $6.00 CD wasn't $75 dollars worth of cards and I can only imagine the other guy's reaction when he opens his white envelope and finds Vic Power staring back at him.

February 26, 2011

Card Show Commons

Here is my nice stack of cards from the Topeka card show from last weekend. The seller that I always to try to find with his "90% off Beckett" bin wasn't there but I was still able to get some vintage commons for about 50¢ each.

1972 Topps #549 Dave May

1969 Topps #141 Bill Dillman

1967 Topps #373 Duane Josephson/Fred Klages Rookie Stars

1966 Topps #276 Jim Bouton

1967 Topps #86 Mike McCormick

1967 Topps #190 Turk Farrell

1967 Topps #397 Willie Smith

1959 Topps #120 Chuck Coles Rookie Stars

Which brings me to my latest collecting experiment...much like dayf's mini Frankenset, I've started a Vintage Binder that combines various sets with cards numbered 1-700, which gives me pages like this for cards #46-54:

The only requirement is that the cards have to be at least 30 years old to be included.

Bloggers Aren't The Only Ones With Pajamas

Every once in a while as I'm trolling the card blog underworld I come across a card that must be mine! This most recently happened to me on New Year's Day with this post. I just had to have a piece of what I think has to be Tarzan's pajamas.

2008 Donruss Sports Legends #18 Johnny Weissmuller Pajamas Relic 173/250

Show and Tell #85: If The Seattle Pilots Only Played For One Season, How Come They Have Two Years Worth Of Cards?

I've been working on my 1970 Seattle Pilots team set for quite some time and was excited when Scott from Crawford on Cards wrote me telling me that he had some Seattle Pilots cards he was willing to part with. He mentioned he also had some Pilots from the 1969 set and wondered if I was interested in those too.

I must admit I was a little confused in that the Pilots only played for one season, 1969, and then became the Milwaukee Brewers. I hadn't realized that in the 1969 set Topps included the players that had been selected in the expansion draft for the Pilots and labeled them that way even though they weren't actually Pilots during the 1968 season. Long story short, I grabbed up those cards too in the trade and a new needs list was born.

Thanks again Scott for the cards!

1970 Pilots

#224 Steve Barber

#289 Gene Brabender

#134 Danny Walton

#533 Buzz Stephens

#370 Tommy Harper

1969 Pilots

#451 Rich Rollins

#511 Diego Segui

#346 Wayne Comer

#17 Mike Marshall

Show and Tell #84: Kimball Minis x 2

I barely had time to unwrap my last Kimball minis trade packages when I received a couple more off my Needs List. Thanks again to The Lost Collector who sounds like will be posting some great cards this weekend.

#KC15 David Price

#KC3 Carlos Santana

February 25, 2011

Vic Power Card OThe Week: 1966 Topps

**In this new series, we strive to collect a master set of all of Vic Power's cards. I will try to do this once a week but life may get in the way. **

The 1965 season was Vic's last and, consequently, this is one of his last cards. It is also the runt of my collection as it is pretty beat up and I hope to find an upgrade for it eventually.

1966 Topps #192 Vic Power

Happiness Is A Warm Card Show

The card shows are coming fast and furious in north east Kansas these past two weeks...here are the details for the Olathe show tomorrow and Sunday.

Olathe/Kansas City Area
February 26th-27th
Hampton Inn in Olathe
9-5pm Saturday
10-4pm Sunday

Show and Tell #83: Kimballs Galore

I took two big chunks out of my 2011 Kimball Minis needs list with trades from The Daily Dimwit and The Lost Collector.

These are from TLC:

And these are from the Dimwit:

Thanks guys!

If you have any minis you are willing to part with my needs list is here.

February 24, 2011

New Wingfields

Here are a few more cards from The Wingfield Collection insert set from 2005 Upper Deck...my Needs List is here if you happen to have any of these. For a little more information on the set and what the Wingfield Collection is please check out this post from Voice of the Collector.

DI-9 Bob Feller

DI-13 Roy Campanella

DI-14 Franklin Roosevelt

Not Quite The Big Time

I pretend to be this big time card blogger but when it actually comes down to having awesome cards I don't quite fill the bill I'm afraid. Today I show you my best patch card, which is of.......wait for it.........Richie Sexson. That being said, it is a pretty great card.

2004 Fleer NPN/RS Richie Sexson Patch

Thom Should Have Put A Ring On It

This is much better than Yakety Sax...

Also, unless you are a member of the Ramones, no man over 40 should be wearing skinny leg jeans.

Over at Spin.com they have about as positive review that a person squeeze out of The King of Limbs.

February 23, 2011

Team Set Tuesday: 1989 Topps Jumbo Kansas City Royals

The 1988 Royals team finished 84-77 which was good enough for 3rd place in the Western division. It's a record we would kill for in the KC area as last season the Royals finished 67-95...improving two games from 2009.

Mark Gubicza was the team's star during the '88 season going 20-8 and finishing third in the Cy Young Award voting.

#6 Bret Saberhagen

#26 Mark Gubicza

#46 George Brett

#67 Pat Tabler

#86 Mike MacFarlane

#107 Danny Tartabull

#136 Willie Wilson

#161 Kurt Stillwell

#200 Frank White

#238 Bo Jackson

#269 Bob Boone

#292 Bill Pecota

#313 Kevin Seitzer