February 26, 2011

Card Show Commons

Here is my nice stack of cards from the Topeka card show from last weekend. The seller that I always to try to find with his "90% off Beckett" bin wasn't there but I was still able to get some vintage commons for about 50¢ each.

1972 Topps #549 Dave May

1969 Topps #141 Bill Dillman

1967 Topps #373 Duane Josephson/Fred Klages Rookie Stars

1966 Topps #276 Jim Bouton

1967 Topps #86 Mike McCormick

1967 Topps #190 Turk Farrell

1967 Topps #397 Willie Smith

1959 Topps #120 Chuck Coles Rookie Stars

Which brings me to my latest collecting experiment...much like dayf's mini Frankenset, I've started a Vintage Binder that combines various sets with cards numbered 1-700, which gives me pages like this for cards #46-54:

The only requirement is that the cards have to be at least 30 years old to be included.
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