Show and Tell #85: If The Seattle Pilots Only Played For One Season, How Come They Have Two Years Worth Of Cards?

I've been working on my 1970 Seattle Pilots team set for quite some time and was excited when Scott from Crawford on Cards wrote me telling me that he had some Seattle Pilots cards he was willing to part with. He mentioned he also had some Pilots from the 1969 set and wondered if I was interested in those too.

I must admit I was a little confused in that the Pilots only played for one season, 1969, and then became the Milwaukee Brewers. I hadn't realized that in the 1969 set Topps included the players that had been selected in the expansion draft for the Pilots and labeled them that way even though they weren't actually Pilots during the 1968 season. Long story short, I grabbed up those cards too in the trade and a new needs list was born.

Thanks again Scott for the cards!

1970 Pilots

#224 Steve Barber

#289 Gene Brabender

#134 Danny Walton

#533 Buzz Stephens

#370 Tommy Harper

1969 Pilots

#451 Rich Rollins

#511 Diego Segui

#346 Wayne Comer

#17 Mike Marshall


Scott Crawford said…
Not a problem, Matt. I actually just picked off a '70 McNertney I needed from eBay this morning for a buck, shipped, so I'm down to 4 each on the 2 sets that I still need (rookies on both, 1 high number, and that elusive but completely awesome Joe Schultz card). I also picked up the Renata Galasso Pilots set, but despite the names in it (Bouton, etc.), I'd really call that one a set for completists. Not sure if you're one. Hell, not sure if I'm one yet. When I finish base (sometime this year in all likelihood), do I start going for inserts/Kellogg's/Milton Bradley game cards/other weird stuff? Probably. Or I could just devote the extra time and resources toward Brooklyn Dodgers cards. Or, since they haunted me throughout my '51 Bowman posts, I could dig my heels in with the St. Louis Browns, but that'd get expensive in a hurry. We'll see what's what, I suppose.