Not Quite The Big Time

I pretend to be this big time card blogger but when it actually comes down to having awesome cards I don't quite fill the bill I'm afraid. Today I show you my best patch card, which is of.......wait for it.........Richie Sexson. That being said, it is a pretty great card.

2004 Fleer NPN/RS Richie Sexson Patch


I can relate to you - I don't have too many great cards to show off. But this card is awesome. It's a nice patch, but not as nice as Richie's sideburns. In his brief, brief cameo with the Yanks, we had some pretty hilarious nicknames for him that I'm sure fans of each team he played for had as well.
Nachos Grande said…
I own all of zero patch cards, so you're well ahead of me. Nothing I can afford typically has patches!
Your'e plenty big time Matt.