October 31, 2010

Shy Ronnie Was Back Last Night

Rhianna was the musical guest last night on SNL so that meant only one thing: the return of Shy Ronnie!

If you don't quite know what I'm talking about check out this short from last year:

Everybody's Got A Record: Joe Mauer Edition

**In this series we strive to prove the universal truth that every baseball player holds some kind of record.**

Joe's got quite a few records, the most impressive possibly being his .365 batting average in 2009 which is the highest ever for a catcher.

October 30, 2010

Not For Sale

Giants pitcher Jeremy Affeldt pitched one and a third innings in Game 3 of the World Series tonight, unfortunately though he didn't have any strikeouts. Why would I care about that little stat of a middle reliever? For each strikeout he throws, Affeldt donates $100 dollars to an organization called Not For Sale which fights human trafficking. So far this season he's had 44 strikeouts.

The topic of human trafficking is near and dear to my heart because my fiance researches the topic in her graduate studies work and also volunteers with organizations like Not For Sale that fight against trafficking.

Jeremy spent his first four and a half seasons with the Royals and so I have received quite a few of his cards through trades.

2001 Upper Deck Star Rookie #14 Jeremy Affeldt

2005 Donruss Team Heroes #152 Jeremy Affeldt

2004 Topps Total #477 Jeremy Affeldt

2005 Topps Total #513 Jeremy Affeldt

2006 Fleer #335 Jeremy Affeldt

2005 Topps #222 Jeremy Affeldt x 4

Everybody's Got A Record: John Olerud Edition

**In this series we strive to prove the universal truth that every baseball player holds some kind of record.**

John Olerud and Bob Watson are the only player to hit for the cycle in both the American and National leagues.

2002 UD Championship Caliber Swatches #CC-JO John Olerud Jersey Relic

2005 Donruss Diamond Cuts #DC-24 John Olerud Jersey Relic

2002 Fleer EX John Olerud Bat Relic

Fear The Really Tan Beard

Fear the really tan beard, which Brian Wilson says isn't dyed at all!

2010 Topps #492 Brian Wilson

I imagine I'm not the only one that has dug out some of their old Brian Wilson cards and take a look at them. If you actually take the time and read the interesting little anecdote about Brian and Barry Zito playing catch you'll notice it doesn't quite make sense. I've highlighted the sentence below.

October 29, 2010


Why can't Panini and Target get their shit together and stock an item for more than three minutes? First it was World Cup Stickers and now this. You would think they would notice they've sold like 300 packs of stickers in two days.

But if you want to see what they look like head over to the sister blog A Pack To Be Named Later.

Genius Ad: Mason Shoes

In the never ending organization process that is my baseball card and comic book collection, I was sorting things out last weekend and was looking at some back issues that I hadn't looked at in years including this reprinted version of The Fantastic Four #1.

The Fantastic Four #1 Marvel Milestone Edition November 1991

The great part of these reprints is that they use the actual advertisements from the original issue and although I've flipped through this issue at least 10 times I've never noticed that on page 12 it has a full page ad for Mason Shoes which is headquartered in Chippewa Falls, WI [about five miles from my home of Eau Claire].

Mason Shoes is still a going concern in Chippewa [and is possibly the most famous export next to Annie Hall and Leinenkugel's beer] although I'm sure their weekend shoe salesmen positions have long been gone.

Vote Yes

Around Lawrence there is only one local issue on the ballot and that issue is pretty clear. You are either voting "yes" for the library or voting "no." The pro-side of the debate has been really great about getting their signs out and having a web page address that is really easy to remember. And really, who is against a library?

Well it turns out there is one person in Lawrence who is against the library. It's a tire place on 6th St. that I will now never buy tires from. When I saw this sign I had to go home get my camera and double back to take a picture of it.

October 27, 2010

Team Set Tuesday: Green Bay Packers 1985 Topps Team Set

Well, another Tuesday has come and gone and I forgot to post the new Team Set Tuesday post. It was going to be the 1985 Topps Football Green Bay Packers set and so here it is a day late. After having Bart Starr as the coach for nine seasons they turned to another Packer legend, Forrest Gregg, to take the helm and he led them to moderate success. They finished 8-8 overall and finished second in the Central Division behind the Bears.

I really like the 1985 Topps design and it might be my favorite all-time football set [my favorite baseball set is the 1971 Topps set which is also black-bordered...I'm sensing a theme]. I particularly like the Ezra Johnson card because you don't see a lot of players with their helmet on looking directly into the camera. They are generally looking off to the side or at an angle.

#66 Packers Team Leaders

#66 Paul Coffman

#68 Lynn Dickey

#69 Mike Douglass

#70 Tom Flynn

#71 Eddie Lee Ivery

#72 Ezra Johnson

#73 Mark Lee

#74 Tim Lewis

#75 James Lofton

#76 Bucky Scribner

#196 Interception Leaders


I realized that in my Bob Feller Museum post I forgot to show off my pride and joy from the visit:

The museum's main source of income is their HUGE selection of autographed baseballs, both of Bob Feller or any other star that has had signings there. If baseballs are out of your price range they have other signed items and I choose to go with the signed post card. They had several options and my first choice was a different design entirely. When I went to pay for the item the museum guide asked where I wanted the sticker of authenticity placed. I told him either bottom corner and as he pulled off the first sticker it slipped out of his fingers and stuck right to the counter. With the second sticker when he placed it part of the sticker was stuck under itself so it looked like a crescent moon. With that he looked at me and said "you might want to pick another one."

I went back to look at their selection and looked for another one. Nearly all of them were autographed but I was lucky to find one in the back that had been inscribed as well. Thankfully, this time the sticker was placed perfectly and it escaped the museum in great condition!

The First True Sign Of Fall

Forget the turning of the leaves or Day Lights Savings Time, it is when the Packers send out their e-mail reminding you to pick up your new blaze orange Packer hat for deer season.

October 26, 2010

Show and Tell #71: Trade With Ken

Reader Ken sent me some randoms recently and here are my favorites:

While looking up something interesting to write about Justin Morneau I discovered that he gets a sub for each home game from Jimmy Johns on Grand Ave in the Twin Cities. I've eaten at that Jimmy Johns many times when I'm home and I've never looked around at see if an AL MVP was chowing down behind me.

2010 Topps Legendary Lineage #LL-40 Harmon Killebrew/Justin Morneau

Justin wears #33 in honor of Patrick Roy. Only in Canada!

2010 Topps Heritage #420 Justin Morneau

And a few Xponential inserts from the Needs List:

2008 Upper Deck X #X2-JK Jeff Kent Xponential 2nd Power

2008 Upper Deck X #X2- CH Corey Hart Xponential 2nd Power

Finding some of these in a trade package can mean only one thing!

Upper Deck X Diecuts!

2008 Upper Deck X Diecut
#74 Cole Hamels, #32 Victor Martinez, #4 Justin Upton, #25 Jermaine Dye

Thanks Ken!

My Own Little Fleer Sticker Project: The Grand Finale

As the baseball season reaches it's final games I thought I would also wrap up My Own Little Fleer Sticker Project as well. After highlighting the teams in which I had multiple cards, there were several teams where I had only a few cards to show so we have combined them into one great big Grand Finale of red hot sticker action.

My favorite from this group is the old San Diego Padres logo. I don't know what was wrong with me but I never really thought about what their team name meant until sort of recently. I blame it on the fact I grew up about as far away from Mexico as you can get. One day it just sort of hit me that they are the San Diego Fathers which isn't exactly the most intimidating team name. The San Diego Suegra would strike more fear in the hearts of the opponents. And I think it really only makes sense in Spanish as the Milwaukee Pastors just wouldn't work.

Thanks again to Reader Paul to traded me all the cards that I've highlighted in this series!

October 25, 2010

Genius Covers: The Fantastic Four #371

In these In today's Genius Cover, we have an issue of The Fantastic Four in which The Human Flame goes super nova battling the Skrulls. In doing so, he burns down much of a university in New York but he also gives us some excellent three dimensional covers. As you can see, this issue came in red and white variations and are great looking in person while the scan really doesn't do them justice.

It also looks like the The Skrulls will be the focus of the upcoming Avengers movie which will combine Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and Nick Fury. It's fine I guess but can't we have some Dr. Doom/Red Skull team-up?

The Fantastic Four #371 December 1992 [Red Cover]

The Fantastic Four #371 December 1992 [White Cover]

October 24, 2010

In Case You Missed It Last Night


It's been a pretty entertaining Packers/Vikings game tonight and so what better time to drag out some of my latest Packer acquisitions...

These first two are from a surprise trade package from Cards on Cards from a few weeks ago.

Some more great photography used in the Pro Set series.

1992 Pro Set #365 Green Bay Packers Spirit of The Game

It was mentioned during the commentary tonight that Lombardi left the Packers and eventually coached with the Redskins briefly and was still loved by the fans. Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth tried to draw a comparison to how fans feel about Favre and I don't buy it. Plus, Lombardi would only send drawings of his privates to ladies.

1990 Score #603 Vince Lombardi The Legend

AJ had an interception off Brett tonight and I've recently been picking up his relics as Clay Matthew's prices are sky high so far this season.

2008 SPX Football Winning Materials #WM-AH AJ Hawk Relic

2009 Upper Deck Football Heroes #48 AJ Hawk Jersy Relic

When I was back home a few weeks I bought another one of the $10 Packers Memorabilia Card packages and instead of a relic card I pulled an autograph...and non other than the Packers starting running back Brandon Jackson.

2007 Upper Deck Football Signature Sensations #SS-BJ Brandon Jackson Autograph

At the time he retired, Billy Howton was the all-time leader in receptions and yardage.

2010 Panini Threads Gridiron Kings Billy Howton 12/50

Donald didn't have a catch tonight and he is sitting 299 yards short of being the Packers leading receiver.

2010 Prestige Prestigious Pros #16 Donald Driver Jersey Relic 060/100