I realized that in my Bob Feller Museum post I forgot to show off my pride and joy from the visit:

The museum's main source of income is their HUGE selection of autographed baseballs, both of Bob Feller or any other star that has had signings there. If baseballs are out of your price range they have other signed items and I choose to go with the signed post card. They had several options and my first choice was a different design entirely. When I went to pay for the item the museum guide asked where I wanted the sticker of authenticity placed. I told him either bottom corner and as he pulled off the first sticker it slipped out of his fingers and stuck right to the counter. With the second sticker when he placed it part of the sticker was stuck under itself so it looked like a crescent moon. With that he looked at me and said "you might want to pick another one."

I went back to look at their selection and looked for another one. Nearly all of them were autographed but I was lucky to find one in the back that had been inscribed as well. Thankfully, this time the sticker was placed perfectly and it escaped the museum in great condition!


--David said…
That is awesome! I hope to visit the Feller museum one day!!