Genius Ad: Mason Shoes

In the never ending organization process that is my baseball card and comic book collection, I was sorting things out last weekend and was looking at some back issues that I hadn't looked at in years including this reprinted version of The Fantastic Four #1.

The Fantastic Four #1 Marvel Milestone Edition November 1991

The great part of these reprints is that they use the actual advertisements from the original issue and although I've flipped through this issue at least 10 times I've never noticed that on page 12 it has a full page ad for Mason Shoes which is headquartered in Chippewa Falls, WI [about five miles from my home of Eau Claire].

Mason Shoes is still a going concern in Chippewa [and is possibly the most famous export next to Annie Hall and Leinenkugel's beer] although I'm sure their weekend shoe salesmen positions have long been gone.