My Own Little Fleer Sticker Project: The Grand Finale

As the baseball season reaches it's final games I thought I would also wrap up My Own Little Fleer Sticker Project as well. After highlighting the teams in which I had multiple cards, there were several teams where I had only a few cards to show so we have combined them into one great big Grand Finale of red hot sticker action.

My favorite from this group is the old San Diego Padres logo. I don't know what was wrong with me but I never really thought about what their team name meant until sort of recently. I blame it on the fact I grew up about as far away from Mexico as you can get. One day it just sort of hit me that they are the San Diego Fathers which isn't exactly the most intimidating team name. The San Diego Suegra would strike more fear in the hearts of the opponents. And I think it really only makes sense in Spanish as the Milwaukee Pastors just wouldn't work.

Thanks again to Reader Paul to traded me all the cards that I've highlighted in this series!