Joy of the Completed Team Set: 2022 Topps Minnesota Twins

 I was surprised to find a 2022 Topps Minnesota Twins team set at my local Walmart when typically it is strictly Cubs or Cardinals with a random White Sox thrown in for some sort of equality. 

But a little searching found sets for the Pirates, Nationals and Astros so it looks like a random assortment was sent to each store. 

I miss that these sort of sets used to include an exclusive card or at least a card of the stadium (which I collect). The only thing "exclusive" is the card numbering which has a "MIN-" before each card number. 

It's been an exciting year for the Twins as they sit a half game ahead of the Guardians in first place in the American League Central with a 39-33 record. 

I'm a really big fan that four of the cards feature the powder blue uniforms that the Twins wore for road games from 1973 to 1986. I love all the Kirby Puckett cards from that era in that uniform. Overall, I would say the Kenta Maeda card is my favorite.  


Jafronius said…
It's a bummer that the team set isn't more accurate than it should be.