Getting on the complete-in-box video game bandwagon: Atari 2600 Spider-Man

For whatever reason in my various forms of collecting that has extended from baseball cards to music to comics to 1970s horror magazines, video game collecting never really struck my interest. 

I guess I always thought of them more as a tool than a collectible. I've purchased more games on Steam than I'm prepared to admit and while I've still got my original Nintendo and Sega Genesis, those old games from my childhood are boxed up in the basement. I really enjoy my Xbox Series S and I have no problem giving up the idea of owning physical games for the digital-only console. 

Although, one exception has recently broken through my disinterest in video game collecting and that is a complete Atari 2600 Spider-Man game. 

This was a release by Parker Brothers in 1982 and was not only the first Spider-Man video game but also the first Marvel Comics video game. What got me interested in tracking one down was taking a closer look at the amazing art on the front. 

The back gives you a look at the game play and it is one of the more advanced Atari games, in my opinion. You can tell you are climbing a building and the red and blue of Spider-Man is pretty clear...I will admit we are dealing with small victories here. 

My complete version also comes with an instruction manual. 

And here's the game, which features the same front box art. The game has been played but still, I'm pretty happy with the condition. Picked this up for $25 plus shipping, if I remember correctly. 

Now to track down a complete version of Captain Skyhawk!


Fuji said…
Very cool collectible. If I could own one complete 2600 game, it'd be Journey Escape. Didn't own it as a kid, but have been wanting that one for years.
Jafronius said…
I don't remember that game but it looks interesting. Congrats on the purchase!