August 17, 2014

My Vince Lombardi Almanac

I don't remember exactly when I received this Packers almanac in honor of Vince Lombardi but I'm sure it came from my Uncle Jim who is also a big Packers fan. It was put out by the Jaycees in 1968 to honor Lombardi's nine season as the most successful coach in NFL history

The magazine has some great photography although I'm pretty sure Vince isn't "reflecting on nine years as Packers coach."

Plus there is this great guide to all the players that played in one or more games  for the Packers during the Lombardi era. I'm sure a lot of these players never had a football card but I think it would be a neat project to get at least one card from as many players listed as possible. I wasn't really looking for a new collecting project but sometimes they find you. 

August 15, 2014

What Did I Pull From My Bricks Of Cards?

These vacuum sealed bricks of mostly vintage cards were my last card purchase from when I was in Kansas. As you can see these were a dollar each and you got about 75-100 cards give or take. Generally you can find a few different sets in each brick.

I chose a couple of them based on the cards that were on the reverse. 

Those two cards would be a Jamie Moyer rookie from 1986 Topps and a mid-sized Oscar Gamble afro tucked under a Yankees cap.

1987 Topps #227 Jamie Moyer
1981 Topps #139 Oscar Gamble

Beyond that I pulled four other cards that were worth mentioning. First we have a Rusty Kuntz card looking like a fresh-faced 40-year-old White Sox Future Star.

1981 Topps #112 Rusty Kuntz
Back on in July when I was home in Minnesota I went to a Twins/Royals game and got to see Rusty serving as the Royals first base coach. Here's a shot I took with Joe Mauer waiting on the pitch. 

I would have been happy with just one Gorman Thomas card so finding two made my day.  

1980 Topps #623 Gorman Thomas
1981 Topps #135 Gorman Thomas

Manager cards are some of the most under utilized cards in the typical card set and 1980 Topps set really wasted some opportunities. For example, we have Sparky Anderson's first card as Tiger's manager and we are given an out of focus 1/8 of an inch by 1/8 of an inch photo in the corner of the card. It could have been so much better. 

1980 Topps #626  Sparky Anderson

August 10, 2014

The Wonderful Feeling Of Finding A Card Shop 10 Minutes From Your House

I recently moved down south to the Atlanta and so I'm now treading on the turf of the great Cardboard Junkie and I'm afraid my future posts of my cardboard finds will turn into "Hey Junkie, look what you missed out on!" That might have been the case earlier this week as I tracked down my first local LCS called The Book End which is about 10 minutes from my place.

The store was a little disorganized when I visited as they were re-locating from another spot in the same strip mall. They've got a lot more comics than cards but they do have some Ultra Pro stuff that I'm sure I will need. Plus, seeing this sign hanging over the card boxes showed me this was going to be my kind of store!

I asked how much those Mars Attacks! cards under the sign were and the owner said he would part with them for $1.00. I said, "hell, I'll take them all!" There were eight packs there which would give me about a 1:3 chance of pulling a 1:1 sketch card.

After the ripping, I didn't find a sketch card...just two green bordered inserts that I needed. The owner said that The Book End has a card show each month on the fourth Sunday of the month [which this month would be Sunday, August 24th] and so I'll certainly be back soon.

August 8, 2014

What do Lincoln's Assassination, the Titanic, and Pete Rose Have In Common?

I've posted before on the inscriptions Pete Rose signs on baseball cards and balls and if you find them interesting watch to the end to see one of the more unique Pete Rose inscriptions I've ever seen...or save yourself a minute and a half and just read the cover image of the video below.

The date in question is April 14th. Rose was born in 1941, Lincoln was shot in 1865, and the Titanic sunk in 1912.

August 6, 2014

Ripping a Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Mini Bobble-Head Mystery Figure

I finally got a chance to see Guardians of the Galaxy this afternoon and I really enjoyed it. It lived up to my high expectations and I'm really happy it has turned into a huge success which will bode well for other Marvel projects featuring their non-major league properties like Dr. Strange, Ant-Man, or Luke Cage. Stopping by Barnes and Noble after the show I saw these blind boxes of a Guardians mini bobble-head. 

I could pull twelve possible figures with two variations of Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon and each box was $4.95.

MY FIGURE IS GROOT! Not bad for my first box! I've always mainly be a Marvel fan over DC but I had no idea that Groot made his first appearance in 1960.

Looking at Groot's reverse side you can really see the detail that goes into these. I'm certainly going to pick up a few of these in hopes of getting a Rocket Racoon.

August 5, 2014

I'll Be Keeping My Eye Out For Aaron Rodgers

My friend from high school and college is getting married in September and after sending his wedding invitations to friends and family he decided to send his extra invites to various celebrities. Knowing I'm a big Packer fan he sent along a photo of the invitation he sent to Aaron Rodgers. 

As you can see Aaron can bring a plus one of Olivia Wilde or John Kuhn. I only just realized as I was writing this post that he meant Olivia Munn instead of Olivia Wilde but either way I'd rather share a beer with John Kuhn!

August 2, 2014

Olbermann On The Missing 1953 Topps Cards

I've been busy moving all week so I didn't get to post this when it aired on Thursday but here is Keith Olbermann explaining the long held mystery of the six cards missing from the 1953 Topps set.

July 29, 2014

Cards From The Box #2: The One Autograph In The Box

**In this series we examine cards from my first era of collecting [1987-1995] which I haven't since 1999. You can find the origin post of this series here.** 

As my collection has grown I've become more and more focused on collecting autographs and relics rather than building complete sets. Sure, I'll collect an Allen and Ginter insert set or mini sets from the Topps flagship set but mainly I'm autographs, relics, and single vintage cards. Back when I was collecting the cards that make up "The Box" pulling an autograph from a pack was next to impossible. There was the possibility in the Upper Deck Heroes sets but I was having a hard enough time pulling a Ken Griffey Jr. rookie or Derek Jeter rookie to ever realistically think I might find an autograph in my pack. And my collection bares this out as there was only one autographed card in the box and that was of Tigers great Alan Trammell. This came from a card shop or card show as the "offer" sticker was still on the plastic protector. It is a great looking signature and just as bright as the day it was signed...that's what happens when your cards don't see the light of day for 15 years. It is without question one of my favorite "re-discoveries" in going through the box again.

1984 Donruss #293 Alan Trammell Autograph