March 25, 2017

The Original 1973 Topps George Scott Card

I've been a huge George Scott fan and I've been building a nice personal collection of his appearances. I finally tracked down his 1966 Topps rookie card last summer and back in 2010 I featured his second-year card from 1967 Topps in my Heartbreaking Damage series as someone had corrected Scott's weight on his card, adding 25 pounds.  Some of his 1970's cards are known for their airbrushing, including his 1977 O-Pee-Chee card which features an airbrushed Red Sox batting helmet.

His 1973 Topps card also has that look that something isn't quite right with the photo. The player images seem to be superimposed over the crowd photo and I thought it was so interesting I used the card as a part of a contest giveaway back in 2011.

Night Owl Cards brought up the '73 Topps card in honor of Scott's birthday on March 23rd and Bobbie of Detroit Tigers Cards and Stuff commented the the original background probably included a row of cars, just like this gem from 1973 Topps.

This inspired me to show the original George Scott card without the airbrushing..and sure enough, the action was taking place in front of a row a cars in a dirt parking lot!

Scott's original 1973 Topps #263.

March 5, 2017

My Retail Pack Success In 2017 Topps Heritage

I've been pretty interested in 2017 Topps Heritage but not enough to buy a box or blaster. So I have been exclusively buying retail packs, one or two at a time each time I stop at my local Target. And so far I've had some amazing results.

I've pulled three Rediscover Topps card in each of my first three packs. And for some reason I'm hitting a vein of Pittsburgh Pirates bronze and silver stamped cards including two 1987 Topps cards and one from 2014 Topps featuring a Future Stars card of Pirates outfielder Starling Marte.

While those are nice, they don't compare to this MOJO that I pulled in my third retail pack. A rookie autograph of Astros prospect Alex Bregman! These blue-ink autographs have gone for more than $150 on eBay and as I don't rookie prospect or particularly care about the Astros, the question is if I should sell it now or hold onto it and see what Bregman does in the season that might push things up. This is certainly my best retail pack pull in many years!

I also pulled one of the 1968 Topps Game rookies which are only available in Target retail packs.

And then there is a card of the year contender...or at least beard of the year contender! Jason Heyward's Cubs card which just makes me happy to look at.

March 1, 2017

Episode #15 Of The Trading Card Preservation Society Is Available For Download

The Trading Card Preservation Society has returned for a new episode a day before the release of 2017 Topps Heritage and Opening Day. Dave the Cardboard Junkie and I discuss other 2017 Topps releases including NOW, Throwback Thursdays, and Allen & Ginter. We also talk about the announced release date of the new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Netflix and also recommend some binge-worthy shows to catch up on until Opening Day. 

Colligere Omnia!

Episode #15 - Direct Download

February 27, 2017

My Experience

I recently heard of a webpage offering free autographs which logically peaked my interest. Who doesn't love free autographs. The webpage,, askes for a $2 shipping and handling paypal payment and in a few days you will receive an autograph in the mail.

The site is run by Alex of the Alex's Autographs blog which has a lot of helpful information on through-the-mail autograph requests and an interesting list of his autograph request failures through the years...including a lot of failed requests for former Cubs prospect Earl Cunningham.

So I could spend $2 on a pack of 2017 Topps Series 1 or take a roll of the dice on a free autograph. So I sent my payment in and received an envelope in the mail about a week later. Given there was just a $2 shipping fee, I was fully expecting a plain white envelope and what I received was a step up from the basic envelope. My autograph also came in a toploader taped shut. So what did I get?

My card was a 2001 Royal Rookies Bryant Nelson autograph #970/6995. Nelson was originally drafted by the Houston Astros in 1993 and bounced around in the minors to several teams including the Arizona Diamondbacks as it says on the back of his Royal Rookies card. Nelson eventually did make the majors in 2002 with the Boston Red Sox for 28 games.

So, it was no Hall of Fame autograph but the website delivered exactly what it promised. If you aren't very excited by new wax and want to build your autograph collection I would say give the website a try. I think I will pull the autograph slot machine lever again myself and see what I get. 

February 23, 2017

Highlights From The Garbage Pail

I'm still buying Garbage Pail Kids, alternating between the 2017 Adam-geddon set and the 2016 Prime Slime set and here are two notable cards I recently pulled.

First I pulled my first recent Garbage Pail Kids card that actually uses my name, Matt Ress. I am working on collecting all of the "Matt" referenced cards through the various sets and it is always fun to pull one from a pack today.

The other card is a Twin Peaks inspired Twin Finn with an amazingly detailed painting with the opening credits image in the background with cherry pie and coffee spread everywhere. We have a Kyle MacLachlan-inspired Agent Cooper holding some pie and Killer Bob looking very menacing behind him. Season 3 of Twin Peaks arrives in just a few months and the first episode will actually be feature length and I'm eager to see how David Lynch will handle the final events between Bob and Copper during the Season 2 finale and who that translates that into an ongoing Season 3.

February 11, 2017

1982 Columbus Police Columbus Cllippers Steve Balboni Minor League Card

One of the tables at the central Illinois regional card show places all of his card face up on the long tables all in toploaders. Most of the cards were 90's inserts and some nice rookies from the 80's that essentially hold no value today. The cards were lined up in nice straight precise rows except one card that jumped out as being in a 50's vintage size toploader that threw the alignment off. 

When I finally got around to taking a look at the card, I was surprised to find a 1982 Columbus Clippers card of Steve Balboni. The price says $15 but don't worry, the cards one the table were 15 cards for $10.00 so it set me back 67 cents. 

The Columbus Clippers are the AAA team for the New York Yankees and many early 80's Clippers sets are famous for having some of the earliest pre-rookie cards of Don Mattingly. Balboni's early card is the only other players of note in the 25-card set. 

The set itself was issued by the Columbus, Ohio Police Department and Balboni's card explains how to score an assist and to always keep an eye out on your neighbor's place when they are away. Balboni would be traded to the Royals in 1983 and with the Royals he would hit 119 home runs from 1984-1987.