January 25, 2015

A 2015 Donruss Re-Design

Nearly all of us who have taken a look at Panini's preview gallery of their upcoming 2015 Donruss set have done a double take and asked how could his have happened? I've seen suggestions all around the trading card blogosphere but it was Breakdown Card's tweet tonight that finally spurred me to action. Here's a redesign of Madison Bumgarner's card:

Taking Breakdown Card's suggest to removing the "baseball strip" and changing the border color I think we get a far superior design.  What are your thoughts on it?


Runing Into Ernie Banks

Back in 2009 I went to a card convention in Overland Park, KS and randomly saw Ernie Banks walking around. I unfortunately only had my crappy cellphone camera with me that day [this was nearly six years ago!] and so I snapped the best photo I could. Ernie was wearing a Kansas City Monarchs hat which was the team Banks played for in the Negro Leagues from 1950-1953 before joining the Cubs.

Here is Ernie's obituary in the New York Times.

January 24, 2015

Updated 1991 Pro Set Desert Storm Needs List

Ripping a new box of this brought my needs list down to just one card, #176 the USS Blue Ridge. I've got a lead as to tracking down that card so I'll mark it as "awaiting arrival."

While ripping the packs on posting them on my Twitter account I realized that my set really is missing four more pieces [three cards and one sheet of paper].

1991 Pro Set Desert Storm Needs List

Last Updated: 1-24-2015

Italics = waiting arrival/pending trade

176 USS Blue Ridge

These three cards were bonus cards included in the factory sets.

251 America Supports and Celebrates
252 Homecoming
253 Schwarzkopf Addresses Congress

Paper Checklist - [an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper with a checklist and a list of organizations where contributions benefit veterans and families of Desert Storm that you could get by writing in from an offer on the card pack wrapper.]

January 23, 2015

Card Against Humanity Gift Envelopes

This winter everyone's favorite obscene card game, Cards Against Humanity, announced that if you sent them $15 they would send  ten gifts to you over the holiday season. They called this event "Ten Days of Kwanzaa or Whatever" and I quickly signed up being a huge fan of the card game.

And sure enough envelopes started arriving on a fairly regular basis. Some contained packs of cards to be used in the game that had been personalized. I can't wait to see how the card with my name will end up being used.

Beyond the assorted gifts subscribers received, they came in some amazingly designed envelopes that tell a story involving the death of Santa Claus, the rise of Lizard people, and the world's children getting nothing for Christmas. God only knows what my mail lady thought when she was putting these in my mailbox.

Here are scans of all the envelopes in what I think is the correctly order...some of these arrived simultaneously so I'm not 100% percent sure.

January 22, 2015

My Custom Jack White 2015 Topps Card

Since Topps released their 2015 Series 1 checklist they've been getting a lot of attention for their 1st Pitch insert set which features celebrities like Jeff Bridges, Eddie Veder, and 50 Cent. Another card getting a lot of attention is a sort of rookie card for The White Stripes leader, Jack White. In his card he's throwing out the first pitch at a Detroit Tigers game and White is a well known son of Detroit.

But 2014 saw a much more famous Jack White baseball game appearance at Wrigley Field that inspired a meme. Although he didn't throw out the first pitch at the game, the even certainly deserves its own card and so I did a little Photoshop work and created one.

January 20, 2015

Here's A Easily Searchable PDF Of The 2015 Topps Series 1 Checklist

Topps announced the checklist for 2015 Topps Series 1 today gearing up for set's release in February. Derek Jeter was given card #1 in the 64th incarnaiton of Topps flagship set.

For those of you out there that want to dive deep into the over 20 pages of checklist information I've made a PDF version of the checklist and you can download it HERE.

January 18, 2015

Aaron Wroggers

If there's anything good that has come from the Packers' playoff run it us that everyone got to know "Aaron Wroggers," aka British comedian Tom Wrigglesworth. He looks exactly like Aaron Rodgers if he let his hair grow out for a year and State Farm Insurance took advantage

Since we might not see Tom for much longer after the Packers choked away a trip to the Super Bowl I thought I would try my hand at giving him a card. May I present "Aaron Wroggers."


The inspiration: 2014 Topps 1963 Design Mini #245 Aaron Rodgers

2014 Green Bay Packer Police Safety Cards

If Topps and Panini don't make cards for the NFL players that you want to collect typically you are pretty much out of luck. For Packer fans though you have one more avenue to find cards for those lesser known offensive line and special teams players. The small town of Amery, WI has teamed with the Packers for several years to create Packer safety cards that the police hand out to kids during Halloween and at other events. Of course you'll find the typical Packers stars...

...and it gives you a chance to get a rarer Eddie Lacy card. They are called "safety cards" because on the back of each card you get a safety tip from a student around Wisconsin. Lacy's card gives us the wise words of Haley who says "never touch fire." Truer words have never been said.

I think this brings the number of different John Kuhn to about 10 [excluding parallels].


But as I was saying, this set gives me the opportunity to get cards for players like guard Josh Sitton. He's a two-time Pro Bowler and in 2010 he was named the Offensive Lineman of the Year by the NFL Alumni Association.

Julius Peppers certainly qualifies as a star but every time I see him in the green and gold it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

And here is my first ever David Bakhtiari card. He the starting tackle for the Pack and one of the reasons why Eddie Lacy has holes to run through on the line. 

Mike Daniels ended up with 5.5 sacks in the regular season and had half a sack against Tony Romo last week. That puts him third on the team behind Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers.

T.J. Lang is definitely one of the most intense players on the Packers and that was certainly evident during the Cowboys game last week. Lang ended up being fined by the NFL for his unnecessary roughness penalty last week.

Although Mason Crosby has a rookie autograph card that I've been eying to buy for years, I don't believe there are any Tim Masthay cards outside of the Packers police safety sets.

The Seahawks have their Legion of Boom but the Packer's defensive backs Morgan Burnett, Sam Shields, and Tramon Williams have been great as well. Next year's set will undoubtedly have rookie Ha Ha Clinton-Dix too which will make them that much better. 

And last but not least we have the Packers coach and general manager. "In Ted We Trust" is certainly a mantra that every Packer fan believes in and earlier this year it was announced that Thompson will be leading the Packers for several more years.

This season McCarthy passed Vince Lombardi on the all-time wins list for the Packers but he is still more than 100 wins behind the record holder Curly Lambeau with 212 wins.