June 14, 2015

That Grim Realization...

1966 National Batman [Black Bat] #7

That grim realization that there will probably be no new card release that will ever bring you the joy that vintage cards do.

June 13, 2015

Oversized Cards Messing Up My Card Organization

I have all my cards organized by player in jumbo boxes big enough to comfortably hold top loaders but every once in a while I get a graded card in a trade or some oddball at a card show at an acceptable price I couldn't say "no" to. I've got a shoe box of over sized and jumbo pickups  but I can never remember what is or isn't in there. Like for example I received Fernando Valenzuela's rookie card in a trade with Reader Mike D. quite a while ago but I had forgotten about it sitting in my over sized box...and as a side note, we need more cards with hot pink on them.

A little while ago I was going to write another Wally Moon uni-brow post and I totally forgot about picking up this 1962 Topps Baseball Bucks that actually looks like how a 1962 bill would look today.

I love the level of details on the back of these cards/bills.

I still don't have a 2015 Topps #1 Derek Jeter but I do have a 7.5 Jeter from Bowman's Best. Just look at those perfect 10 edges! No other card has better edges than this one!

I'm going to rescue this Jack Morris RC shortly and don't worry I didn't pay anywhere close to $13.00 for this. I don't remember but it was probably a $1.00.

This card was at my local card show because it features Dale Murphy but I picked it up because blog-favorite Cecil Cooper is being cramped by Murphy and Jim Rice. Another set builder was hoping for a gem mint I believe.

This card is just about the most sturdy case I've ever seen and it might even be able to take a few shots from Nolan to the side of its head without cracking.

I love these mid-grade vintage cards that I imagine were someone's attempt at getting a gem mint set together that didn't turnout as they hopped. I think I picked up good old Larry Lintz for $1.00.

June 12, 2015

Some More National Parks Cards

A few months ago I highlighted some trading cards I found at Ocmulgee National Monument in Georgia and while my parents were on vacation in New Mexico my Dad found another set of cards from the Fort Union National Monument. Fort Union dates back to 1851 and was located on the Santa Fe Trail near modern day Las Vegas.

The New Mexico Volunteers were based out of Fort Union and took part in a few Civil War battles against the Confederates.

Around the Fort you can still see many long portions of the Santa Fe Trail.  


This is Francisco Chaves who was a lieutenant colonel who  commanded the New Mexico Volunteers against the Confederates at the Battle of Valverde.

 A view of Fort Union from above and as you can see it's the only civilization for miles and miles.

This is Manuel Chavez  who led the Union to a victory over the Confederates at the Battle of Glorieta which stopped the South from creating a gateway to California through New Mexico.

June 11, 2015

The Free SuperVIP Autographs At The National Have Been Announced

The good folks at the National Sports Collectors Convention announced the list of all the free autographs that Super VIP level packagse and higher will receive at the show. Highlights for me are Brewers great Cecil Cooper [who I got to meet in-person at a card show before], John "The Candy Man" Candelaria, and Tom "Flash" Gordon [one of my favorite Royals ever]. But the absolute king of this list is Packers and Chiefs great Jan Stenerud! Jan's from Norway and so he was a fan favorite for all those Wisconsinite Scandinavians [including myself] during those rough Packer years. It was also why when my late Grandmother would ask about "Juan" Stenerud there was always an explosion of laughter.

Here's the complete list of all the free signers:

Dontrelle Willis
Ben Grieve
Cecil Cooper
Eric Hinske
Manny Sanguillen
Jon Matlack
Maury Wills
John Candelaria
Derek Bell
Todd Hollandsworth
Tom Gordon

Jan Stenerud
Dexter Jackson
Jim Langer
Randy Gradishar
Vince Ferragamo
Lem Barney

Nate Archibald

June 1, 2015

Good News For Those Of You Who Love To Trade

I stopped by my local USPS office today which was a big mistake as it was Monday on the 1st of the month which means long lines for those needing money orders. I decided to wait out the line to get my last trade packages out and done and when I finally got face-to-face with the clerk I got some good news. As I nearly always do for trades I told her that I wanted the first class rate with tracking and as she was trying to get the computer to spit out the stamp she couldn't figure out how to get the tracking added. She eventually asked the clerk at the next window and she said that effective today [June 1st] the tracking was included in the first class shipping rate rather than being an added on item. The USPS does this for Priority items already and it is great news for those of use who have a lot of trades headed out that always require tracking.

I've searched around for an article explaining this change but I haven't found one yet. I can just confirm that I paid only the 1st class rate and received a tracking number with it. Be sure to comment if you are able to do the same at your local USPS.

May 28, 2015

Heartbreaking Damage: A Trimmed Goudey Spitballer

At first when you look at my 1933 Goudey card of Burleigh Grimes you might not notice something is missing. A previous owner of this card sometime between now and 82 years ago when the card was made decided to trim the red bottom border off the card that reads "Big League Chewing Gum." 

1933 Goudey #64 Burleigh Grimes

If you were too familiar with Goudey cards you might not notice it immediately just looking at the front but on the back you can see the text is cut off.

And just yesterday Burleigh Grimes made a brief appearance on a segment on the Olbermann program on ESPN. The topic was rule changes that could help pitchers and one suggestion was to legalize the spitball which Grimes was the last pitcher allowed to legally use the pitch.

My interest in Burleigh Grimes stems from his origin in Wisconsin .He was born in a Emerald, Wisconsin and like Andy Pafko and Hank Aaron played his professional debuts in my hometown of Eau Claire, WI. I had been looking for a nice copy of Grimes's 1933 Goudey for a while but a decent copy is at least $60.00 and so I quickly scooped up this damaged card for $12.00.

May 10, 2015

Salacious R. Crumb

I meant to post this on May the 4th a.k.a. Star Wars Day but life got in the way as it often does. I've been enjoying the Topps Star Wars Card Trader app a lot more than I did Topps Bunt and I'm looking forward to seeing Episode 7 packs as the release date gets closer.

I've been pulling quite a few Salacious B. Crumb cards and with a name like that you can't help but make a connection to world famous illustrator R. Crumb. He's best known for illustrating underground comics for decades including many of the legendary American Splendor series. Crumb is also famously the creator of the cover for the Big Brother and the Holding Company album Cheap Thrills. In the documentary Crumb he says he was paid nearly nothing for the famous cover.

Here's the original card:

May 9, 2015

Combining Two Things I Love: Fleer Stickers + Andy Pafko Autographs

I'm not sure why I didn't think of the genius of combining two of my favorite collecting things before: Fleer stickers and Andy Pafko autographs. I found this beauty on eBay of an Andy Pafko TTM autograph on a 1983 Fleer sticker which got me thinking about a blog that had slipped off my radar, The Fleer Sticker Project. Much like former card blogging greats Dinged Corners and Treasure Never Buried, the number of posts have dwindled to just a handful a year but I challenge you to find a better on all things Fleer stickers.