My Bill Schroeder Mega Post

It's funny when you think about it. This post I'm writing is going to be the most comprehensive post on Bill Schroeder Green Bay Packers cards the world has ever seen. I am unrivaled in my Bill Schroeder card prowess and the world may never see a Bill Schroeder post of this grandeur and greatness.

I collect Bill Schroeder cards not just because he was a pretty great receiver for the Packers or that he attended UW-La Crosse for college, Schroeder was born in my hometown of Eau Claire, WI. He was was initially drafted by the Packers in 1994 but didn't get playing time with them until the 1997 season and had three outstanding seasons from 1999-2001.  Most of my cards come from that period including a relic card.

2001 Topps Heritage Football #84 Bill Schroeder
2000 Score #77 Bill Schroeder
1997 Collector's Edge #69 Bill Schroeder
2000 Pacific Aurora #56 Bill Schroeder
2000 Pacific Vanguard #93 Bill Schroeder
2001 Upper Deck Top Tier #68 Bill Schroeder

2001 Upper Deck #67 Bill Schroeder

1999 Upper Deck MVP #76 Bill Schroeder
2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve #59 Bill Schroeder
2000 Upper Deck MVP #64 Bill Schroeder
2000 Upper Deck Victory #73 Bill Schroeder

2000 Pacific #144 Bill Schroeder

2000 Skybox #65 Bill Schroeder
1999 Upper Deck Victory #103 Bill Schroeder
2000 Topps Season Opener #61 Bill Schroeder
2000 Topps #208 Bill Schroeder

2001 Pacific Invincible #93 Bill Schroeder Jersey Relic #608/750


Tony L. said…
He was a very good receiver in the system. He always had a bit of an attitude about him as well -- hard-nosed, usually a smart player. I remember when he left and went to play for the Lions, though, because the Packers then immediately gave his number (formerly Sterling Sharpe's number) to Javon Walker.
cynicalbuddha said…
Whenever I think about Bill the Peanuts theme comes into my head.
mike said…
There isn't much I can say positive of any Packer, but the UD Gold Reserve card of Schroeder is a fantastic photo and a good catch.

I know there were a bunch of Bill's cards in that stack I sent out, hopefully you needed a few.
Matt Flaten said…
Oh yeah, thanks Mike, I put those cards in a different box. I'll have to do an update!