January 23, 2012

Juuuuust A Bit Outside

I recently purchased my first Bob Uecker card:

1963 Topps #126 Bob Uecker

And upon turning it over I was pleasantly reminded that, like Hank Aaron, Bob started his career with the Eau Claire Bears in the Northern League based in my hometown of Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

January 18, 2012

The Latest Additions To My Andy Pafko Collection

Here are the latest additions to my Andy Pafko collection which include on upgraded original card, a whole bunch of "newer" Pafko reprints, and one custom 1-of-1 card.  My Pafko collection lives in this green tin which held my $10 repackage with a complete set of Topps coins.

The tin is big enough to hold graded cards so it should be able to hold my collection for quite a while.

This first one is a great upgrade to the previous 1957 card that I had.  I'm a Pafko hoarder so I'm not really concerned about condition.  Once you realize that you probably are never going to own a really nice copy of the 1952 Topps #1 the importance of condition just isn't as crucial for the other cards in my Pafko collection.

1957 Topps #143 Andy Pafko

Next we have three cards from TCMA series of cards.  I really like the first card from 1973 with it's magenta "Andy."  It gives it a pop-art sort of feel. 

At this point let me say that nearly all these cards are now in my collection due to expert card locating skills of reader Mike D.  We are in a constant state of trading back and forth and he can seem to sniff out a Pafko card like a blood hound. 

1974 TCMA 1952 Dodgers #48
1978 TCMA Milwaukee Braves Greats #48
1980 TCMA 1957 Braves #24

Next, we have a blue card with absolutely no identifiers as to who made the card and when exactly it was made.  It honors the 1953 Milwaukee Braves and their move from Boston but without the Internet or finding an expert at a card show I'm not sure how you would ever know what this card was made by Fritsch Cards in 1983.  

1983 Fritsch Co. 1953 Braves #48

And now for some reprints.  This 1959 reprint is one of the few that isn't a reprint of the 1952 Topps #1.  After the '59 reprint we have four new-to-me '52 reprints and they can be just as heard to identify as the blue Fritsch card is. Someday I'll do a video of the differences between the reprints. 

2001 Topps Archives #112 [Reprint of 1959 Topps]
2001 Topps Archives Reserve Reprint #62

2001 Topps Through The Years Reprints #4 
2002 Topps Chrome 1952 Reprint
2002 Topps Chrome 1952 Reprint Refractor

This is my first numbered Pafko card [1126/1957] believe it or not.  The scan doesn't show this card's shinny-ness at all and I don't think I've seen that particular photo on any other card before. 

2002 Topps Super Teams #36 Andy Pafko #1126/1957

These next two are cards from a set put out by the Wisconsin Historical Museum in 2007.  The second card has my favorite PIC shot [Pafko In Action] shot.  It looks to me that he might be planking on this card as well.

2007 Wisconsin Museum 1957 Braves #10
2007 Wisconsin Museum 1957 Braves #41

Last but not least, this is my second 1-of-1 Pafko sketch card.  I received this from The Lost Collector as a part of my Card Blogger Secret Santa package

January 15, 2012

Packers vs. Giants LIVE BLOG



Giants 10, Packers 3

Here's one of my favorite new Packer cards...a logo sticker:

Sorting Packers cards and so was only half watching as we dropped passes and over threw wide open receivers...it's tied 3-3.


Hopefully we'll get the ball back...

Giants get a field goal but I think we won that drive!

This drive is getting slightly disturbing...if only the Giants had to run on every play.

The way our playoffs went last year, I think Bishop would have pulled down that interception.

Eli Manning is looking a little more confused that normal...which is saying something.

The Packers get the ball to start the 2nd half...which they do nearly everytime...

In case you missed it...the Packers were hiring snow shovelers this week to move the snow that fell last week...

In honor of the game, we've cracked...what else?

Yes, that's Ellsworth, WI....home of the Cheese Curd Festival...June 21-24, 2012.

Everybody picks the Packers except Strahan...

I really enjoyed Greg Jennings explaining that he can't look into both of Pam Oliver's eyes.

It's funny to watch those clips of Giants fans being pessimistic...I can only imagine the calls the Packer post-game show got after we lost to the Chiefs this season.  Packer fans have a despair that can rival any team even though we've had a lot of success.

3:09PM I'm sticking with the B.J. Raji Discount Double check commercial is the best...the Clay Matthews one is pretty good too.

3:06PM Terry had us all hoping he was retiring today for a second or two...no such luck...

Tim and Troy...At least it's not Tim and Tim...I wouldn't mind hearing Tim McCarver try a football game...

Here we go...I'm tired of waiting to start this...my local FOX station plays House repeats before the afternoon football games...Today's episode is about Wilson dating a woman just like House.  And the patient is Sarah Silverman's sister....

Packers/Giants LIVE Blog In About A Half An Hour

January 9, 2012

Where is Frank Zappa?

I posted this over on A Pack To Be Named Later and I thought I would list it here as well.  It's me opening three packs of American Pie and some thoughts on the absence of Frank Zappa cards.


January 7, 2012

3 Most Interesting Things Seen At The Field Of Dreams

**See below for a correction to this post.**

Over my Christmas vacation I stopped by The Field of Dreams in the Mall of America. They are still riding the "Brett Favre as a Viking" memorabilia train and I've never seen so many photos of Christian Ponder in one place...well maybe, on Sports Cards Uncensored.  Here are three things I found interesting during my stop.

This Monte Irvin "First Topps" card.  It's not really his rookie card as he had a card in the 1951 Bowman set but I still covet it.  After Andy Pafko's card #1, this is the '52 Topps card that I would want to track down the most.  Monte could have been Jackie Robinson in that Branch Rickey contacted him to sign with the Dodgers but Monte declined because he felt he wasn't ready for the majors after being out of the game for military service during World War II.

I think it's pretty rare that an inscribed autograph can ruin a signed item.  Typically that's always a bonus...except it seems when it comes to Pete Rose.  These stupid inscription just ruin it for me.  And whenever I see those boxes of Leaf's Pete Rose Legacy getting ripped and they pull an auto/bat relic and then the poor idiot has inscribed it "Western Hills High School Running Back" or "WWE Wrestling H.O.F." I would just scream.

Plus, on the sell sheet for the set on Leaf's web page they highlight a card that is the exact opposite of the inscribed ball.

Field of Dreams has a huge display of autographed balls...which I'm sure 80% are real...I kid....The most expensive autograph there was Mariano Rivera at nearly $600.  I would feel a whole lot better at paying that much if that big fat /3602 wasn't staring back at me at the bottom of the ball. Even if it was /602 it would give me pause.


I blew it when I said Monte Irvin's '52 Topps cards was his first.  He was included in the '51 set as one of the red backs.  Here's the card and it can be your for only $25.00 on eBay currently.