Some Junk Wax + A Little Contest


sruchris said…
Is it a team photo of the Eau Claire Bears from the 50s?
dayf said…
Fleer Stickers have always been superior to Topps stickers. Unfortunately Fleer is pushin' up the daisies right now.

I think I bought a box of that CFL stuff for a buck back in the early '90s. That set is positively lousy with rockets.
sruchris is right, that's the '52 Eau Claire Bears. Love those Fleer Stickers.
mike said…
The photo is the 1952 Eau Claire Bears team photo. Relevant because you are from that neck of the woods. And was home for a young Hank Aaron.
I will guess the 1952 Eau Claire Bears. Not very original, but it seems right!
Matt F. said…
sruchris and Play At The Plate, I'm going to call you two "co-winners." I'll be in touch for your winnings.

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