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Giants 10, Packers 3

Here's one of my favorite new Packer cards...a logo sticker:

Sorting Packers cards and so was only half watching as we dropped passes and over threw wide open's tied 3-3.


Hopefully we'll get the ball back...

Giants get a field goal but I think we won that drive!

This drive is getting slightly disturbing...if only the Giants had to run on every play.

The way our playoffs went last year, I think Bishop would have pulled down that interception.

Eli Manning is looking a little more confused that normal...which is saying something.

The Packers get the ball to start the 2nd half...which they do nearly everytime...

In case you missed it...the Packers were hiring snow shovelers this week to move the snow that fell last week...

In honor of the game, we've cracked...what else?

Yes, that's Ellsworth, WI....home of the Cheese Curd Festival...June 21-24, 2012.

Everybody picks the Packers except Strahan...

I really enjoyed Greg Jennings explaining that he can't look into both of Pam Oliver's eyes.

It's funny to watch those clips of Giants fans being pessimistic...I can only imagine the calls the Packer post-game show got after we lost to the Chiefs this season.  Packer fans have a despair that can rival any team even though we've had a lot of success.

3:09PM I'm sticking with the B.J. Raji Discount Double check commercial is the best...the Clay Matthews one is pretty good too.

3:06PM Terry had us all hoping he was retiring today for a second or such luck...

Tim and Troy...At least it's not Tim and Tim...I wouldn't mind hearing Tim McCarver try a football game...

Here we go...I'm tired of waiting to start local FOX station plays House repeats before the afternoon football games...Today's episode is about Wilson dating a woman just like House.  And the patient is Sarah Silverman's sister....


dayf said…
I'm rootin' for your boys... stupid Falcon mangling Giants.
dayf said…
Ugh... Sorry dude.
Shagor said…
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