Let's Make A Deal

I'm going to take a page from Thorzul and try to move some relic/insert cards rather than using eBay or just letting them sit collecting dust in their white cardboard coffin. Each of the cards shown below are up for grabs and so if you are interested in any of them leave me a comment on this post [or send me an e-mail to heartbreakingcards@gmail.com] telling me which card(s) that you are interested in and what you would like to send me in a trade. I collect things beyond what I list on the side of my blog so don't be afraid to offer things that may not fit with my "what I'm collect" list.

I know a lot of these aren't worth much so I'm not looking to receive too much in return.  I'm really just looking to turn these into cards I would want.

If you don't have anything to trade and instead want to make an cash offer you can do that too. I would charge $1.00 for shipping for single cards and $1.50 for two or more cards.  I promise to not send your card in a plain white envelope.

Once I accept an offer I'll change the image and mark it as "Trade Accepted" so everyone will know that that particular card is off the market.

If we do reach a deal and I've never done a trade with you before, you'll need to send your half of the trade first before and then I'll send my part upon arrival.

If you've got questions, just shoot me an e-mail at heartbreakingcards@gmail.com.

2008 Topps Triple Treads #181 Brian Bannister Triple Relic Autograph #06/25
2007 Upper Deck Elements #CCE-BB Brian Bannister Jersey Autograph #043/350
2003 Upper Deck Game Face #GG-CB Carlos Beltran Dual Jersey
2005 Donruss Champions #56 Edgardo Alfonzo Bat Relic
2004 Bowman Heritage #258 Billy Buckner  Autograph #57/99
2005 Fleer Patchworks #PO-LG Luis Gonzalez Jersey Relic #020/199
2007 Topps Allen and Ginter #AGR-RA Rich Aurilia Bat Relic
This lot of inserts will hopefully find a home all at once.  Here are the cards:

Middle Row:
2010 Upper Deck #404 Evan Meek #98/99
2010 Topps Update #US-8 Fred Lewis #0111/2010

Bottom Row:
2011 Topps #107 Aubrey Huff Gold Version #0010/2011
2010 Topps #567 Mike Pelfrey Gold Version #1704/2010
2011 Topps Update #US105 Joel Hanrahan Gold Version #0755/2011

2008 Topps Chrome #234 Callix Crabbe Autograph
2007 Bowman Draft Picks #BDPP75 Luke Hochevar Jersey Relic
2006 Upper Deck #I-PA John Patterson Autograph

2006 Topps Update #AS-GM Gary Matthews All-Star Workout Jersey Relic
2001 Upper Deck SP Game Used Edition #JK Jeff Kent Jersey Relic
2005 Upper Deck Sweet Spot #MM-SK Scott Kazmir Jersey Relic
2003 Upper Deck Superstars #AD/PW-C Adam Dunn/Peter Warrick Dual Jersey Relic
2005 Upper Deck Portraits #57 Dontrelle Willis Jersey Relic #32/99


Twitch said…
Alomar and Moreland.

I have Ascent of Man 14 and and a Co-Signers Bronson Sardinha (Mariners) autograph to offer in return.
Dawgbones said…
I will shoot you an email, looking to trade you a Kimballs or two and maybe some of the X-Ponentials you are after for the bronzed Ruiz and the Moyer relic...
Matt Flaten said…
Trade accepted Lonestarr!
Matt Flaten said…
Trade accepted dawgbones!
dayf said…
I'd like to claim the Bud Black mini and the Platinum Diamond cards if I may. I have no idea what I'll be sending, but I'll find something around here...
Matt Flaten said…
Trade accepted dayf. I'll set those aside for you.