1st Annual Heartbreaking Football Contest

Okay, so after today's games we are down to eight teams in the hunt to be Super Bowl champions...and thankfully, one of them is not the Jets. Here's who's left:

San Diego

New York

This contest is going to be pretty simple. Just pick who you think will win the Super Bowl and leave me a comment on this post.

As a tie breaker, tell me how many net offensive yards the winning team will have. The person with the closest guess [either over or under is okay] will win the tie breaker.

So my entry would be: "San Diego, 378"

I imagine you are all asking "So, what will I win?" To start, you'll get these:

Plus, I'm going to throw in some football wax to be named later as well.

The contest will be open until kickoff [4:30pm ET] of the first playoff game on this Saturday, January 10th...

Good Luck and spread the word!


Pittsburgh Steelers, 351. Thanks for the contest
Dan said…
OK, I'll give it a try.

Giants, 325 yards.
Captain Canuck said…
Carolina - 317

Nachos Grande said…
Hmm, I'll take:
Pittsburgh (popular pick so far) and 327.
Mark said…
Giants - 356 yards. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
Chargers 425
I'll go on a limb--Baltimore, 312 yards.
beardy said…
Baltimore, 289 yards
TheJaw said…
San Diego - 412 yards