My Juan Berenguer bobblehead completes a p.c. set

Now my Juan Berenguer "Berenguer Boogie" cassette tape has its partner as I have recently been able to pick up the companion bobblehead of Berenguer in his trademark suitcase and trenchcoat to complete the set. 

While my tape is from the World Series championship season of 1987, the bobblehead was created two decades later to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Twins first championship. 

The Twins made 1,000 sets of 25 bobbleheads feature a wide range of players including Don Baylor, Randy Bush, Bert Blyleven, Joe Niekro and Kirby Puckett, as well manager Tom Kelly. Sets could be purchased for $387 (that's about $15.50 per bobblehead) from the Twins website and all the profits went to charity.

As you can see, Juan (on the far right) was the only one not in his Twins uniform (I guess he might have it on under his trench coat) and somebody must have pieced out their set individually. 

With my love of Juan being entirely related to his Twins career, I forget sometimes that he also won a World Series with the Tigers in 1984. That season was Berenguer's busiest year as a starting pitcher when he started 27 games for the Tigers and had an 11-10 record. 

Following the World Series win, twenty-six Detroit players were featured on Coke cans, including Berenguer. Mine had the Coke emptied out of it from the bottom through a punched hole and so looking at it on my shelf it looks like a pristine can just waiting to be cracked. 



Fuji said…
Congratulations on landing your Berenguer bobble. I wish the Oakland A's sold at 25 bobble set. Feel like that would be a epic display piece for my collection.
Jafronius said…
Congrats on the bobble acquisition! I found it humorous that you had to point out where Berenguer was on the Twins collection, like the dude in a trenchcoat doesn't stand out amongst the ballplayers.