One Juan Berenguer white whale obtained, another one added

One of the reasons I am such a big Juan Berenguer fan has as much the things he did off the field during the Twins 1987 World Series run as he did on the field. On the field he was an outstanding middle reliever but off the field, he was star of the "Berenguer Boogie," a song undoubtedly inspired by the Chicago Bears' "Super Bowl Shuffle." 

There was even a music video featuring Les Straker, Al Newman and Twins legend Tony Oliva. The song was released on cassette and I recently picked up a copy featuring this laughable cover with Juan and 11 women in trenchcoats. 

The single was released by K-Tel Records which was known for those compilations like "Super Hits of the 70's."

Although I own this and a few other cassettes, I currently don't have a functioning cassette player but, honestly, even if I did, I'm not sure I would put it in there in case something went wrong and the tape would get destroyed.

Still, I am curious as to what is on the b-side, if anything.

But one treasure always leads to another and now I need to find the bottlehead compliment to the tape which is Juan decked out in his trenchcoat. I might be the only person who has an eBay saved search for "Juan Berenguer" and in my years of time of getting daily  emails I've have only seen one and the asking price on that is $115. 

Someday I'll be able to add that to the collection but until then here are some of the more rare recent pick ups. First,we have a mint Berenguer rookie from 1979 Topps that also featured Dwight Bernard doing his best Kent Tekulve with sideburns impression. 

Next, we have a signed Twins postcard that already featured a facsimile autograph. I have to admit I didn't click image on this auction and thought the bottom signature was authentic and didn't notice the pen autograph to "Pat" until it arrived. I'm OK with it though as I don't have a "double" signed piece yet. 

For those curious, here's the reverse of the postcard. 

So there you have it, one white whale captured and another one discovered to hunt down one day. 


Fuji said…
That cassette tape is pretty darn cool. I checked eBay to see if there was an LP. Didn't see one, but there appears to be a VHS tape out there for you to pair with your tape... while you're waiting on the bobble.
Commishbob said…
The music video is 10 minutes long. His '87 highlights reel lasts 1:07. Just sayin' :-)
Unknown said…
I have a poster from the video store advertising the vhs tape.
Unknown said…
I have a poster from the video store advertising the vhs tape.
Anonymous said…
I have a poster from the video store advertising the vhs tape.