If you can't laugh at yourself..."Matt" Garbage Pail Kids

As I've mentioned a couple times before, when I was a kid, my parents wouldn't let me have Garbage Pail Kids. Just like MTV, the cards were too rude and crude for their darling son and so it is beyond wonderful for me that some 30-odd years that this group of Matt-centered GPK cards come from my Dad as a birthday present a couple months ago. How the times have changed! 

This has to be my new favorite "Matt" card. It has it all: Batman, a GPK bat-signal and nuclear powered farts. 

Next up, we have a chrome "Matt Ratt" and a chrome version of the rough draft sketch for the original Matt GPK card, "Fat Matt." 

This is the card that launched a thousand insults at pudgy kids in the 80's. In the original series, card 26b was "Fat Matt" and card 26a was "Slobby Robbie." 

"Welcome Matt" is from the sixth series of GPK cards from 1986. 

Here are some more recent "Matts." I haven't done a complete search but there aren't too many "Matthew" GPK cards. The one that springs to mind is "Melted Matthew" in which Matthew is a poor fireman. 

Lastly, let me throw in a tribute to my Dad, Dan, who has his own recent GPK card with "Ro-Dan." It is very appropriate with the hours he had to sit watching the Toho movies with my sister and I when we were kids. 


Jafronius said…
Even better that your dad was the one who assembled all these cards for you!
Fuji said…
That's a cool present from your father. I wish my dad would buy cards for me. As for GPK cards... I picked up a collection a few years ago and was stoked to find a Mark Bark.
Matt said…
As a fellow Matt I approve this post. I never thought "Fat Matt" was very clever, although those later ones show a bit more creativity!