Highlights From The Garbage Pail

I'm still buying Garbage Pail Kids, alternating between the 2017 Adam-geddon set and the 2016 Prime Slime set and here are two notable cards I recently pulled.

First I pulled my first recent Garbage Pail Kids card that actually uses my name, Matt Ress. I am working on collecting all of the "Matt" referenced cards through the various sets and it is always fun to pull one from a pack today.

The other card is a Twin Peaks inspired Twin Finn with an amazingly detailed painting with the opening credits image in the background with cherry pie and coffee spread everywhere. We have a Kyle MacLachlan-inspired Agent Cooper holding some pie and Killer Bob looking very menacing behind him. Season 3 of Twin Peaks arrives in just a few months and the first episode will actually be feature length and I'm eager to see how David Lynch will handle the final events between Bob and Copper during the Season 2 finale and who that translates that into an ongoing Season 3.