March 31, 2018

Did I Score A Sonny Jurgensen Autograph?

Included in an eBay autograph lot I received at Christmas was this Sonny Jurgensen 1970 Topps Super Football card. The card wasn't a key part of the lot and, as you can see, isn't in the greatest condition.

It has some major creases on the front and the back has clearly been rubbed against a surface enough to leave some wear and tear. 

But it also has an signature on it from the Washington Redskins Hall of Fame quarterback so it's worth taking a closer look to see if it is legit.

As you can tell, the 1970 Topps Super cards already has a facsimile autograph on it which sort of makes it an odd choice to add a legitimate autograph too, especially if the subject is going to sign right over the top of like like Jurgensen did.

Here are a couple of PSA certified example of Jurgensen's autographs with a similar black marker.

So what do you think? Is it legit?

I think the capital "S" is pretty close and the overall sloppiness of the final letters of "Jurgensen" seem to match as well. 

March 28, 2018

My Topps Living Set Card #1 Has Arrived

I'm here to admit I was one of the people that purchased 13,256 copies of Aaron Judge's card #1 in the new Topps Living Set. Up to this point I hadn't purchased a Topps Now card but I was intrigued by the set's idea and the art on Judge's card was beautiful. Plus, the price of $7.99 per card with the ability to get free shipping helped me in jumping the mental hurdles I had to clear to finally buy this card. 

The card arrived on Tuesday and came in this nice looking box. I imagine these will be standard with each week's order and it is a nice touch I must admit. 

And here it is. I arrives in a nice plastic case and I don't plan on taking it out. I'm not a Yankees fan or a Judge collector but I think this is a special card.

The card come with a foam square to keep it from moving around in the case so I haven't seen the reverse side of the card yet.

So going forward I'm open to picking up some more cards from the Living Set as we move forward, especially with that free shipping. 

March 18, 2018

Shaking Like A Leaf #2: Al Evans #22

Chronicling my quest to build a 1948-1949 Leaf Baseball set. 

PLAYER: Al Evans
CARD NO.: 22
TEAM: Washington Senators
OF NOTE: Evan's 1948-1949 Leaf card is considered his rookie card even though he had played in the majors since 1939. You can find Evans' cards in some of the early Bowman sets with his final card as a player was in the 1952 Topps set (where is featured as a Red Sox). Evans spent two years in the Navy during World War II has a petty officer and missed the 1943 and most of the 1944 seasons because of his service.  Known as a great fielding catcher, he led the American League in fielding percentage in 1949 at .992.
CARD PRICE: $7.50 eBay delivered.
SET PROGRESS: 3 of 98 or 3.06 percent complete.

March 12, 2018

Brothers don't shake hands, brothers gotta share a baseball card!

Brothers don't shake hands, brothers gotta' hug brothers gotta share a baseball card!

The Niekro brothers pitched for a combined 46 years (24 for Phil, 22 for Joe) and they appeared on hundreds of cards. Here are four that they ended up sharing. 

Joe and Phil both led the National League with 21 victories in 1979. While Joe was 21-11 and Phil had the unique distinction of leading the league in losses as well with 20. I can't even imagine a pitcher today finishing 21-20 in a season. 

Mike Flanagan had 23 wins in the American League and his record won him a Cy Young Award. 

This 1983 Donruss card highlights that the brothers were the major's best knuckleball pitchers and they were nearly the only ones at the time, with the exception of good old Charlie Hough.

In September 1985, Joe was traded to the Yankees from the Astros and he would join his brother Phil on the Yankees rotation. Phil pitched for New York in 1984 and 1985 and the duo were together only for a few games as Phil would be released during spring training in 1986. 

The brothers were the subject of one of my favorite cards from 1988 Topps as the duo set the record for wins by a pair of brothers. Joe and Phil recorded 539 wins which topped the 529 victories recorded by Gaylord and Jim Perry.