January 2, 2017

Has There Ever Been A Card That Has Gotten It More Wrong?

Any self-respecting baseball card collector should be familiar with Gary Carter's 1975 Topps rookie card but you might not know that he also has a minor league card produced by TCMA in the 1975 International League set. Although it is black-and-white, I really like Carter's pose on his card that features him from his Expos AAA minor league days with the Memphis Blues. 

All that is well and good but things really pick up when you flip the card over. TCMA gives you a substantial write up but it seems like the write up author decided to throw in a little opinion about Carter's prospect at catcher and couldn't have possibly gotten it more wrong. It reads, "despite his defensive prowess and great hitting ability, it is unlikely Gary Carter will be the regular cater for the parent Montreal Expos, at least for a while."

In the very same year this card was issued, Carter would finish second in NL Rookie of the Year voting and he would of course become a Hall of Famer because of his play at catcher with the Expos, becoming the first Expo enshrined in Cooperstown?

Outside of a card with an error on it, has there ever been a card that has gotten it more wrong? 
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