Non-Sports Cards of the Day: 1911 T77 American Tobacco Light House Series

In my recent obsessions with posting non-sports cards, I've mainly been doing one card at a time. Today, however, I'm dropping 10 cards from the 1911 American Tobacco Lighthouse series about, you guessed it, light houses from around America. That's 20% of a 105-year-old set which is by far my most complete set from that era. 

The cards in this set are not the typical small tobacco size and instead measure 3-1/4 x 2-1/2 inches. The set has 50 cards in it with 48 lighthouses, the Statue of Liberty, and a final card about what sailors used before lighthouses. This first card below is of the Tillamook Rock Light which was situated off the coast of Oregon and was originally lit in 1887. It served until 1957 and today is privately owned. 

Here's the reverse side of the cards which includes a Hassan Cork Tip Cigarettes ad. The back side also features a historical write up on the lighthouse featured but the cards don't include a card number, although they were kind enough to tell us the card is one of 50 in the set. 

Each card features original painted art and each one is more beautiful than the last. On the left is the Minot's Ledge Light which is located south of Boston Harbor and today is privately owned. The Point Loma Light on the right is actually still in use in San Diego, California. 

Next we have Point Hueneme Light which is located in California near the Santa Barbara Channel. A lighthouse was first constructed on the site in 1874 and the lighthouse as it appears on the card is still in use today.

The Sanibel Island Light on the left is located on the west coast of South Florida and is still in use. The Eastern Point Light on the right is located on the northern coast of Massachusetts and was built on a rock structure called Mother Ann.

The ominously named Executions Rock Light on the left is located in the middle of Long Island Sound in New York. The name was given to the spot because of the dangerous nature of the water at low tide and the lighthouse is still used today. Block Island Light on the right is located off the southern coast of Rhode Island and is often considered to be the most beautiful lighthouse built in the 19th century. 

On the left we have Barnegat Light which is located on Long Beach Island, New Jersey and was deactivated in 1944. A foundation was set up to put the light back in service and in 2009 it was successfully re-lit. Cape Flattery Light is on the north Washington state coast near British Columbia and was deactivated in 2008.


Commishbob said…
I had no idea these existed. They are awesome! The Cape Flattery Light is my favorite I think. I need to look into picking some of these up. Thanks for posting them.
defgav said…
Very cool. I'd love to someday pick up the Oregon and San Diego cards for my local ties.
Hackenbush said…
Those Hassan sets are some of the best. I have a few of the lighthouses in my collection as well.