July 10, 2016

The Problem With This 1966 Batman Card

I've been slowly picking up any 1966 Batman cards I come across at card shows as they are some of my favorite non-sports cards ever made. I picked this Batman "red bat series" card at a card show in Annandale, Virginia today as it seems like an appropriate card for my time living in Washington DC.

The reverse side explains the action on the front as Batman has traveled to the nation's capital to help catch a bank robber who only stole pennies. The robber made his way to the Lincoln Memorial in what I imagine is in honor of Lincoln being memorialized on the penny coin.

But taking a look at the card again, you will notice that the top of the Washington Monument sticking out over the top of the Lincoln Memorial. If you've ever visited the Lincoln Memorial you'll know that this particular image is impossible. 

Here's the view of the front of the Lincoln Memorial and as you can see there is no Washington Monument visible. 

This is because the Washington Memorial is located directly in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Here is the view from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial looking across the reflecting pool.

I thought maybe the artist used the reverse side of the Lincoln Memorial for the design of the card. But again you can't see the Washington Monument and the card features tourists and sidewalks, both of which the reverse side doesn't have. 

I think the artist of the cards (the famous painter Norman Saunders) included the second monument on the card to make it more clear that the setting was Washington. Either way, it is one of my favorite 1966 Batman cards now after spending some time in the capital. 

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