March 30, 2014

From 4 To 2

Thanks to my long time trading partner Mike D. I'm down to having only two cards left on my 1971 Topps needs list. These two new arrivals were both short printed with the first one being one of those great 3-person rookie star cards that sometimes struck gold and sometimes didn't. This particular card wasn't too bad as Rogelio Moret went 14-3 in 1975 and Wayne Twitchell was an All-Star in 1973 for the Phillies.

#692 1971 Rookie Stars A.L. Pitchers Hal Haydel/Rogelio Moret/Wayne Twitchell

The other card is of Jerry Robertson who was a pitching prospect for the Mets. According to the back of the card he was from Winchester, Kansas which is about 30 miles to the north of Lawrence and I think I've driven through the town in my journeys around the Sunflower State.

#651 Jerry Robertson

With these two cards, I'm down to just the Roberto Clemente base card and the Don Baylor/Dusty Baker co-rookie card.  Thanks again Mike!

March 15, 2014

Show and Tell #122: Twitch Trade Part 1

I recently received my first trade package of 2014 and it was sent from Twitch a.k.a. Lonestarr of the Life and Baseball Cards blog. If you don't know, he collects Cubs and Bears and so it must make him a little happy to unload these Green Bay Packers cards including a mini of the coach with the most NFL championships, Vince Lombardi. 

2011 Tristar Obak #8 Vince Lombardi Mini
He also included two rookies I didn't have yet including this great Aaron Rodgers rookie and a Clay Matthews rookie from 2009 Bowman. 

2005 NFL Kickoff Football #91 Aaron Rodgers
2009 Bowman Football  #196 Clay Matthews Rookie

Along with the mini Lombardi, Twitch's cards included a couple of smaller sized Packers stickers from Panini's 2013 set. For the unfamiliar Dave Robinson was the Packers linebacker during their Super Bowl I and II victories much like A.J. Hawk was during Super Bowl XLV.

2013 Panini NFL Stickers #462 Dave Robinson
2013 Panini NFL Stickers #325 A.J. Hawk
 A couple of Eddie Lacy first year cards from SAGE were also included. Thanks to the informative stats on the back, I now know that the 2013 Offensive Rookie of the Year's twitter name is @Lil_Eazy_Ana_42.  It's also fun to read an article written less than a year ago which asks "Is Eddie Lacy Really Worth A First Round Pick?" It also has some remarkable thoughts about Trent Richardson who seems to be quickly on his way out of the NFL.  2

2013 Sage #92 Eddie Lacy
2013 Sage HIT #142 Eddie Lacy
As a surprise bonus was this Ryan Grant jersey from Topps short-lived Mayo series. That set might best be remember as at first having the first Joe Paterno autograph and then not actually having any Joe Paterno autograph at all. At the time it was an embarrassment for Topps but just three years later I think it might have been one of the most controversial cards Topps would have ever made.

2008 Topps Mayo R-RG Ryan Grant Jersey Relic
Twitch sent me a lot of other great cards and I'll highlight those in Part 2 which will be coming soon.