From 4 To 2

Thanks to my long time trading partner Mike D. I'm down to having only two cards left on my 1971 Topps needs list. These two new arrivals were both short printed with the first one being one of those great 3-person rookie star cards that sometimes struck gold and sometimes didn't. This particular card wasn't too bad as Rogelio Moret went 14-3 in 1975 and Wayne Twitchell was an All-Star in 1973 for the Phillies.

#692 1971 Rookie Stars A.L. Pitchers Hal Haydel/Rogelio Moret/Wayne Twitchell

The other card is of Jerry Robertson who was a pitching prospect for the Mets. According to the back of the card he was from Winchester, Kansas which is about 30 miles to the north of Lawrence and I think I've driven through the town in my journeys around the Sunflower State.

#651 Jerry Robertson

With these two cards, I'm down to just the Roberto Clemente base card and the Don Baylor/Dusty Baker co-rookie card.  Thanks again Mike!