Keith Olbermann Is Returning To ESPN

I am very excited to hear that Keith Olbermann will be returning to ESPN, not as a reporter on SportsCenter, but as a host of a late night talk show.  If this new venture is successful we might get to see him grace an Allen and Ginter card as some previous ESPN hosts have.  It surprising that a guy with such a notable history of buying baseball cards as well as an official commentator on baseball through his Baseball Nerd blog for MLB only has one easily obtainable card. One which I have the dress shirt relic version of.   

2009 Topps American Heritage Celebrity Relics #KO
To be fair, he also has a super short printed autograph that can be tracked down in packs of 2003 Bowman Heritage or can be bought for about $80 on eBay currently.  


Fuji said…
Cool relic. He's one of those guys I'd love to sit down for 20 minutes and talk cardboard with.