Get Your S**t Together And Enter The Nightmares On Cardboard Contest

You've still got a day to enter Thorzul Will Rule's Nightmares On Cardboard V contest.   I've sent in my entry for this year's contest and I'll post my cards here after Thorzul posts in on his blog.    

Here's a card I created for Nightmares on Cardboard III which is a Gregory Stillson tribute from The Dead Zone.  It is based on Bart Giamatti's card from the 1990 Topps set.  


dayf said…
Thanks to your post reminding me, I pulled an all nighter last night and got my entry together. Just mailed it a few minutes ago. So if I end up mopping the floor with you, you've only got yourself to blame.
Matt Flaten said…
I'm glad I could help. I went all digital versions this year so you may have an advantage.