Have You Ever Seen A More Expensive Blaster?

Down by the International booths at the Minnesota State Fair there is always a giant tent devoted to Minnesota Twins apparel and some clearance tables.  This year they had stacks and stacks of 2011 Topps blasters and I thought "Yes, $10 blasters!"  And sure enough, there were the wonderful 50% off stickers but then I turned the box a little more...

...and discovered the blasters were priced at $42.00 regularly!  Meaning with the 50% clearance sticker the blaster was still more than the regular retail price.  Have you ever seen a blaster priced higher than this?


Michael Chase said…
Wow, pretty crazy! I've never really seen them go for more than $20 or so.
Dawgbones said…
So, you bought up all they had, right?!!
State Fair ? What fair about a blaster triple the price with 50% off ?

Rename it the State Unfair.

Sorry to hear this.
Sascards67 said…
Did it migrate down from Canada maybe and was $42 Canadian?
dayf said…
I've seen blasters cost that much at stadiums. Either that or a scam to sell a $20 blaster for $21 while making it look like a deal.
Did they cover up the $19.99 price with that ridiculous sticker?

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