Happiness Is A Warm Card Show: The Unexpected

If you are like me you often head into a card show with a game plan that you want to find/track down.  For this latest card show held by the Twin Cities Sports Collectors Club was to get some 2012 Allen and Ginter minis and at least one nice vintage pick up.  But by the time I had left I didn't have any new Allen and Ginter and nearly everything was not only vintage but vintage cards that I never expected to be leaving the show with.

These beautiful cards are from the 1955 Topps Rails and Sails set which is basically an entire set reminiscent of some recent Allen and Ginter insert sets.  One side has a great drawing of a train or ship and the reverse is just as nice with more information than you could want about trains.

#121 ACF Talgo

#6 Camelback Loco

#77 Observation Car

#53 Vista Dome Coach

#82 Diesel Loco.

These five cards were in a .50 cent bin and as I pulled them out the seller said "I knew these would go pretty quickly."  You weren't kidding.


Napkin Doon said…
Fantastic! Ive got to find some of these!
Anonymous said…
Wow, nice pickup! Looks like I've got something else for my National shopping list!

...as if I didn't have enough already...