2012 Topps Archives 1971 Design Needs List

Since I'm working on the 1971 Topps set for a few years now it only seems right that I also make a go to collect all the 1971 Topps design cards found in 2012 Topps Archives.  The 1971 design runs from card 51-100 and includes current players as well as some legends.

2012 Topps Archives 1971 Design Needs List

COMPLETED! 12-17-12


Scott Crawford said…
I'll look through what's here. Got any '80 design cards for trade? I'm putting together that one.
Matt Flaten said…

Yeah sure. I'll take a look and get my list together.


Weston DeShon said…
I've got 78 and 86 and I'll see if I have any thing else off your want list.
I have 53, 62, 68, 71, 76, 82, 94, and 98.

I'm always looking for Mike Trout, Mark Trumbo, 2012 Mike Napoli and 2012 Angels (except Topps Series 1).
Anonymous said…
I've got the majority of these (all but 4 or 5 from your list) I could offer up - let me know if you're up for a trade. Can email me at charliemowry24 at gmail dot com.

jacobmrley said…
I have #70 and #83 to throw in with my Cano cut above. They will be in the mail for you presently.
TheIronLung said…
I'm doing a similar thing. I'm collecting the 1956 set and therefore feel the need to get the 2012 Archives Relics set in the 1956 design.
Matt Flaten said…
Good luck with that project TheIronLung!
Nachos Grande said…
I have #59 for you. Shoot me your address and I'll mail it Monday.