I've Started Yet Another Blog

I've started yet another blog which brings the total to four active ones.  We have the blog you are reading,

Heartbreaking Cards Of Staggering Genius
A Pack To Be Named Later
Heartbreaking Originals

and now we have Card Roulette, which will be random cards from my collection that don't quite make the cut to be featured on Heartbreaking Cards.

I've set it up on tumblr rather than Blogger because it is a lot easier to queue up posts and it integrates well with twitter.  You can follow me on Twitter at @Matt___F.  Plus, I think there aren't any other baseball card blogs on tumblr currently...please, someone prove me wrong.

The cards will just be posted comment free with a few cards each day.


Von Spalding said…
I did find one Timblr blog. It is not mine but it is rather funny.