Rare Andy Pafko Card Has Me Craving Some Bread

There is a super rare Andy Pafko Fischer's Bread label card that has recently been listed on eBay. Graded a "1" the asking is still $300. This card has me craving some "Bread for Energy."

Here is a close up of just the card which has a pretty awesome design in my opinion.


ernest said…
Bread labels are really scarce. A Furillo bread label from Tip Top Bread sold in Sept 2011 for $212 and it was in much worse condition than this one. If you plan on making an offer I would be sure to get a pic of the reverse- that way there are no surprises.
jacobmrley said…
Yes, they are from the ends of the bread package which is why they are always in such terrible condition, if people saved them at all. This is a pretty sweet piece, though.
Matt Flaten said…
No, if I was going to spend $300 on a Pafko I would go with the 1952 Topps #1.