Seen At The National -- Part 4

**Discoveries made at the 2011 National Sports Collectors Convention**

Beckett's Baseball Editor Chris Olds in the wild!  He was busy during Leaf's giveaway of the Joe Jackson cut autograph.  I had been keeping an eye out for him as I was wandering around, hoping to snag one of the business cards he prints up especially for the show...and so just as I was leaving there he was. 

If you fancy yourself a knowledgeable sports card writer and might want to write for Beckett they have a listing for Freelance Writers on the their "Careers" page.  I would consider sending in a resume myself but I'm afraid I've shot my mouth off too many things about "book value" to be taken seriously.


night owl said…
I really want to write something obnoxious, but 100 percent true here, but it will only get me in trouble. So I'll just say I won't be sending my resume either.