The National Baseball Stars Autograph Pricing

So I'm going to my first National this year...yippy skippy...I'm going on Friday for sure and possibly Saturday depending on how everything goes and how interesting the National turns out to be.  So if you see a tall guy who looks like this, it's me:

Here's a run down of some of the baseball autographs signings that will be happening over the long weekend.  There are a few free signature opportunities available during the Wednesday Preview night thing beyond that it's pretty pricey for an autograph of even some semi-star players.

Here's a current list of the baseball players signing.  I've also included the Packers that are signing.  There definition of being a "Packer" is pretty lose though...when I think of Don Beebe my mind doesn't spring to his 1.5 seasons with the Green and Gold.

All Free on the Wednesday Preview:
Don Kessinger
Bill Madlock
Carlos May
Billy Pierce
Lee Smith

Here's the list...I've included the price of having a card or baseball signed...bigger things are more expensive of course.

Luis Aparicio -- $49
Harold Baines -- $29
Jack Clark -- $20
Ozzie Guillen -- $39
Juan Nieves -- $15
Steve Stone -- $29
Buddy Bell -- $20
Leon Durham -- $20
Tony Gwynn -- $99
Rickey Henderson -- $109
Paul Reuschel -- $15
Rick Reuschel -- $20
Earl Weaver -- $45
Dick Williams -- $45
Don Zimmer -- $29
Dick Allen -- $50
Stan Bahnsen -- $15
Darwin Barney -- $35
Bert Blyleven -- $69
John Castino -- $20
Starlin Castro -- $49
Carlton Fisk -- $79
Matt Garza -- $69
Reggie Jackson -- $99
Randy Johnson -- $179

This one is the biggest mystery to me.  A Randy Johnson autograph for $179?  People actually pay that?  You can get a Cal Ripken Jr. and Gaylord Perry for the same price.

Gary Matthews Sr. -- $29
Rafael Palmeiro -- $89
Cal Ripken Jr. -- $149
Gary Sheffield -- $99
Darryl Strawberry -- $39
Kerry Wood -- $49
Roberto Alomar -- $69
Floyd Bannister -- $15
Johnny Bench -- $79
Wade Boggs -- $69
Rod Carew -- $79
Orlando Cepeda -- $39
Jody Davis -- $20
Goose Gossage -- $59
Bo Jackson -- $79
Al Kaline -- $79
Paul Molitor -- $65
Joe Morgan -- $79
Tony Perez -- $60
Gaylord Perry -- $35
Brooks Robinson -- $69
Frank Robinson -- $79
Robin Yount -- $99

For the best overall deal I'm leaning toward the Orlando Cepeda for $39 or the Gaylord Perry for $35.

Here are the great current Packers unfortunately...and I wouldn't pay a penny for Mark Chmura's autograph.

Don Beebe -- $29
Robert Brooks -- $29
Mark Chmura -- $29
Antonio Freeman -- $29
Dorsey Levens -- $29
Paul Hornung -- $49
Bart Starr -- $139
Jim Taylor -- $99


Anonymous said…
Randy Johnson made millions over his career. The previous generation of Hall-of-Fame caliber players didn't.

We're probably going to be faced with Hall of Famers that just don't want to be bothered with the autograph circuit at all eventually.

- Paul
Anonymous said…
Maybe it's just me, but most of those prices are insane. I paid $20 for Dave Parker a couple of years ago, and to me that was a VERY TOUGH decision. I don't like paying for autographs at all.
Anthony Hughes said…
Paul only gets 15, but Rick gets 20? That's got to make Thanksgiving just slightly uncomfortable...
Anthony Hughes said…
and, yeah, writersjourney - paying for someone's autograph at all is ridiculous. But I'm the kind of person that thinks Cal Ripken rookie card is worth no more or no less than a '76 Winston Llenas card. But nobody cards what I think, lol. At the end of the day, they're all just pictures printed on cardboard.