Heartbreaking Damage: 1959 Topps #286 Dean Stone

**In this series we highlight the cards that may have seen better days but the rough times these cards have seen have made them infinitely more interesting.**

To me, this Dean Stone 1959 Topps card looks to have met some tape in a dark alley and didn't come out the other side looking too hot.

Dean's eight-season career had some interesting highlights.  He threw the second shutout in Colt .45's team history and was the winning pitcher in the 1954 All-Star game.  That would be interesting enough but he won the game without retiring a batter.  After being brought in with two outs for the AL in the top of the 8th inning, he threw out Red Schoendienst when Red tried to steal home.  That ended the inning and in the bottom of the 8th the AL scored three runs to take the lead.  At the start of the 9th, Dean was replaced but ended up being the pitcher of record without retiring a batter.

1959 Topps #286 Dean Stone


blumrl said…
I got to hang out with Dean for a few years, and he told me that Leo Durocher was coaching 3rd in that all-star game, and Dean heard Durocher tell Red that Stone would get rattled if he tried to steal. Funny. He also told me that he would have tried out for the Cubs, but they refused to pay for transportation from Silva, Illinois. So he refused the tryout and moved on to the Senators