Update: The Topps Diamond Giveaway Site Is Down Indefinitely

UPDATE: As dayf said in the comments section, the problem is with Amazon servers that host the Diamond Giveaway web page. Topps has updated the message on the web page to this message:

The Topps Diamond Giveaway is currently offline due to problems with our Amazon infrastructure. We're doing everything we can to work around these problems and try to restore the site. We apologize for the inconvenience. We don't have an ETA yet for when the site will be restored.

I think today is officially turning into National Learn A Lot About Amazon's Server Status Day.

In case you haven't noticed, the Topps Diamond Giveaway web page is down and might be down for a while.  Here's the message that Topps sent out earlier today:

To all users:
We are among a few thousand websites that are currently down due to server issues with our host. The host is working diligently to remedy the issue. We are doing everything we can to resolve the issues. We don't have a timeline yet to resolve the issues. Visit http://diamond.toppscards.com or http://football.toppscards.com for status updates.
If you have any questions please feel free to give our customer service representatives a call at 1-800-489-9149.
Thank You

The Topps Company Inc


I think all of the 1988 Topps cards I've unlocked are partially responsible for this.
Funner Here said…
But..But..how am I going to dig for prizes??? *freaks out*
night owl said…
No, all the crazy offers I've gotten for the Babe Ruth diamond diecut card broke it.
I actually heard Amazon had some type of issue and it knocked out sites all over the intersuperhighwaynet. Or it could be because I bought a value pack and have three codes to enter.
dayf said…
Amazon web services is having problems right now.


Should be back up soon.
A2 Wolverine said…
It's all that junk wax people keep redeeming. Or the 312 offers I keep getting for my mickey mantle ring....