An Airbrushed Card I Enjoy

In my first pack of 2011 Topps Opening Day, I found a blue bordered Stephen Strasburg and in my second pack I find this Lance Berkman as a Cardinal card that I didn't know existed. It is certainly one of the better quality airbrush jobs. You would actually think he had played a game as a Cardinal already.

#69 Lance Berkman

And here's the rest o the pack:

#156 Ryan Zimmerman

#145 Ubaldo Jimenez

#138 Chris Young

PP-4 Ronald Reagan Presidential First Pitch Insert

#49 Yonder Alonso

#72 Ricky Romero


Justin McLeod said…
I want to trade for that Reagan card! I will beg if necessary.
Wrigley Wax said…
Rats...cubsfan731 beat me to the punch. That is a great looking card!
Justin McLeod said…
Not only is it a great-looking card, but Ronnie is my hero. Definitely a card that would be the cornerstone of my collection.
Anonymous said…
LOL, everyone wants to comment on the Reagan! Love the card...I'm going to have to grab a few packs of this product soon. I didn't even know it was already out!

I do wish they would use different photos of the players than what is in the base set. Other than that, it looks great.
Grand Cards said…
A new opening day logo! Also, sometimes they do use different pictures than the base cards. Looks like I've got to go trolling for a Tigers base set in the next couple days.

Is it sad that I prefer the way they do opening day to base Topps? I love the no-foil.
madding said…
that looks so wrong for many reasons