Packers/Bears LIVE Blog

5:32 PM CT

So with today's results there is no doubt I'll be doing another LIVE blog on Super Bowl Sunday in two weeks...Thanks again for checking in onto figuring out who the Packers will play...I'm hoping for J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!

5:30 PM CT

5:24 PM CT

Oh yeah...and Mr. President I respect you greatly, but suck it Trebek!

5:16 PM CT

Super Bowl 45 here we come! The first time I've ever been excited for a game in Dallas!

5:15 PM CT

The Packers kneel and the Packers win 21-14!

5:14 PM CT

Shields interception! I was screaming "FALL DOWN, FALL DOWN, FALL DOWN" and we nearly fucked that up at the end of the play.

5:12 PM CT

4th down!

5:11 PM CT

That's a weird timeout...we're down to 1:15 left.

5:10 PM CT

Bears convert...They've got about 1:27 to score.

5:07 PM CT

Can we say "big 4th down?"

5:03 PM CT

Can we say "big 3rd down?"

5:01 PM CT

Three and out for the Packers...Bears take over at about their 25.

5:00 PM CT

Why would Starks run out of bounds on that play? Sheesh....

4:58 PM CT

Here's one of my Freezer autographs:

2009 Upper Deck Icons #150 B. J. Raji Autograph 015/150

4:57 PM CT

It's not over yet...I can't even scan my B.J. Raji cards before the Bears score a quick touchdown and now it's Packers 21, Bears 14.

4:50 PM CT


Packers 21, Bears 7

4:48 PM CT

That Liam Neeson "Unknown" movie should have been called "Taken 2: This Time It's His Identity That Stolen."

4:47 PM CT

SERIOUSLY? Who the fuck are we throwing the ball to on maybe the most important 3rd down of the season?

4:43 PM CT

3 and out for the Bears...I don't know what I'll do if the Packers manage to lose this with the Bears never converting on 3rd down throughout the entire game.

4:37 PM CTIt's these sort of drives in these sort of games that makes me wonder if being a Packer fan might be bad for my health.

4:34 PM CT

Our first chance to scream "KKKKKUUUUUHHHHHNNNNN" today. I'd be more than happy with a field goal on this drive.

4:33 PM CT

Aaron Rodgers on the ground is not something I want to see.

4:28 PM CT

Chester Taylor with the TD and it's now Packers 14, Bears 7.

4:26 PM CT

Here's random Packers card for you:

2008 Score Hot Rookies #HR-16 Jordy Nelson

Jordy has four catches for 67 yards so far today.

4:25 PM CT

So it's Caleb for the rest of the game for the Bears...

4:23 PM CT

So where did that 3rd quarter go?...The Bears are now playing Caleb Hanie [#12 in that photo]...That Packer offense was about as good as this LIVE blog today...

4:08 PM CT

The Pack can't really get things moving and punt.

3:58 PM CT

My girlfriend decided that this would be a good time to figure out which cellphone we should upgrade too...crisis averted.

3:55 PM CT

The Bears hopes and dreams now rest with Todd Collins...

3:53 PM CT

Mr. January saves the Pick-6...but I don't think it will matter too much as Todd Collins takes over for the Bears.

3:52 PM CT

Jennings looked to be getting mugged in the back of the end zone there...

3:49 PM CT

James Jones seems to have one of those catches every week...but when you only get to use one hand to catch it I have some sympathy for you.

3:45 PM CT

So if the Packers score here, do the Bears fans start leaving?

3:41 PM CTCan I start the "We Want Todd" chants? Three and out for the Bears.

3:38 PM CT

There is a commercial out there for that shows all the great things that they do and one part of it has a guy giving advice on fantasy football and the guy says something like "Adrian Peterson is my top running back pick." Wow, that's some in-depth analysis there. And what happens if I don't have the top pick in my draft?

3:34 PM CT

For halftime, let me highlight my best Packer pick-up of the past week, which is this Aaron Rodgers rookie card that I received in a trade with reader Mike D. I've got a few Rodgers rookies but I didn't have a copy of this card yet. Thanks Mike!

2005 Bowman #112 Aaron Rodgers [Rookie Card]

3:33 PM CT

Okay halftime guys, that's enough "getting the balls out of this hands" talk...

3:27 PM CT

So we are at halftime...Packers 14, Bears 0...Be back in a few minutes

3:23 PM CT

Sam Shields get an interception for the Pack! Let's just kneel on this one and get to halftime with a shutout.

3:22 PM ET

Bears get a tipped interception...and half about 50 seconds to do something.

3:19 PM CT

Ummm...have you ever done an image search for "Jay Cutler"? If not, just click HERE.

3:14 PM CT

Cutler fumbles and the Bears have to punt. Packers have 1:52 to make this 21-0!

3:10 PM CT

Cutler's bleeding...or spilled some Kool-Aid.

3:06 PM CT

Damn, when the announcers are giving stats about your inability to comeback in playoff game and it's not even halftime, that's not a good sign.

3:04 PM CT

When the quarterback [who isn't Michael Vick] out runs your linebacker it's time to upgrade your defense.

3:02 PM CT

So the announcers haven't really made a big thing about it but the Bears could have tried two long distance field goals and if they had converted the Packers may not have scored that second TD. It could be 7-6 right now is all I'm saying.

2:55 PM CT

I was just asked if I'm doing something illegal by LIVE blogging the without express written consent of the NFL...if LIVE blogging is outlawed then only outlaws will LIVE blog!

2:53 PM CT

I didn't know the Bears signed the guy from Jackass?

2:50 PM CT

Starks 1st TD! Packers 14, Bears 0

2:48 PM CT

Next year I'm seeing a Grant/Starks combo like this year's Charles/Jones combo for the Chiefs.

2:46 PM CT

Oh man, American Idol is coming to Milwaukee? Has anyone ever done a polka for the judges yet?

2:40 PM CT

If the object of the game was to call plays to almost get a safety, the Bears would be world champions.

2:37 PM CT

Okay, no matter what that first Packers drive made me hope, this game is not going to be Packers/Falcons Part 2

2:35 PM CT

I think I am going to go with what Tory Aikman just said...from now on Aaron Rodgers will be called "Mr. January."

2:32 PM CT

Culter gets sacked and the Bears punt.

2:31 PM CT

It's odd to hear that Lovie Smith has a winning record against the Packers at 8-6...hmmm...

2:30 PM CT

I can't possibly go the whole game without posting this new Brett Favre video...

2:26 PM CT

Well, the Packers didn't have to punt in the last game they played, so it seems fair that we will give the Bears one here.

2:23 PM CT

Ryan Grant who? Starks for 16 and a 1st Down!

2:18 PM CT

So all I will say about the Bear's game last week is this Onion article:

2:14 PM CT

So let's try to avoid the kickoff to Hester, pretty please.

2:11 PM CT

Rodgers you magnificent bastard!!! Packers 7, Bears 0

2:08 PM CT


2:07 PM CT

And here we play, pass to Jennings, 1st Down!

2:02 PM CT

It's National Anthems like that that make me wonder how you can ever schedule a young pop-star to sing it.

1:58 PM CT

I don't know why they make such a big deal about the Packers and Bears not having played in the playoffs for like 60 years...The Bears and Packers have been in the same division since forever and they only started the wild-card format since 1990 so only one of the teams could make the playoffs for most of those years.

1:57 PM CT

Well, win or lose, I can at least say I got to see the Drive Angry trailer today...The worst Nick Cage movie since Season of the Witch

1:52 PM CT

So the knuckleheads on FOX all pick the Packers except for Terry Bradshaw...I'm not sure how that makes me feel.


Nachos Grande said…
That sure looked easy!
madding said…
Normally I'd say all Nicolas Cage movies are equally awful, but that looked especially bad.
madding said…
Matt "Rappin'" Forte
Dennis said…
Well, seeya in two weeks, hopefully for a Packers (and Charles Woodson) Super Bowl win!
Fuji said…
Awesome game... Chicago stayed in it all the way until the end. But thankfully the Packers prevailed... SB bound!
cynicalbuddha said…
Best day ever, but it's never good to almost lose to a 3rd string guy. 2 weeks till glory!!!!
cynicalbuddha said…
Alright maybe almost lose was a little exagerrated...
Orioles Magic said…
I'm not a Packers fan myself, but my fiance loves (LOVES) Clay Matthews. Is there any chance that you have any doubles of his?