Heartbreaking Damage #1: Dave Hoskins

Picture it: you buy a Jumbo box of 2010 Bowman and don't get a Stephen Strasburg autograph [hell, maybe you don't get an autograph at all]. You really want a Stephen Strasburg autograph. You can't live without a Stephen Strasburg autograph. You can't buy one on eBay because you blew all your money on the jumbo box. What are you supposed to do?

Why not take a page from a kid in 1955? He really, really, really wanted the rookie card of Humberto Robinson, the first Panamanian player in the majors.

I'm sure he bought pack after pack of Topps all with no luck. He saved his allowance for weeks...did every odd job for the old ladies of the neighborhood but still no Humberto. At last he reached his final level of frustration and grabbed his ball point pen.

And so we have Dave Hoskins becoming Humberto Robinson.

1955 Topps #133 Dave Hoskins

If only a few strokes of a pen could transform your unwanted cards into eBay gold.


That's awesome. I love it. Thanks for the laugh this morning. :)
dayf said…
This is the greatest post in the history of the interwebs. You need to put that Strasburg on eBay, but never, ever let that Humberto out of your collection.
JD's Daddy said…
LOVE IT. That Strasburg has to be worth a least a couple hundo.
Cardboard Icons said…
LMFAO that is awesome.
TheRealDFG said…
Sell it now, dude. In the current state of Strasburg Mania, you are bound to get at least a grand.