A Fool And His Cards Are Soon Parted Or You Might As Well Rip Up My Baseball Blogging Card

About two years ago I bought a jumbo box of 2008 Bowman [I'm still working on that set btw]...I had recently returned to the hobby and this was my second box I'd purchased after 2008 Topps Series 1. I didn't really know much about the players beyond the bigger stars and as far as prospecting went...just forget about it.

So I received my "mojo" hits from the box...didn't recognize any names and filed them away. As I got the blog rolling and started doing trades with dayf of Cardboard Junkie I looked through my autographs/relics to see if I had any Braves. I did have one it turned out and so to repay dayf's generosity in trades I sent it to him. I knew I'd done something sort of stupid [not that dayf didn't deserve the card but...well...you know what I mean] when in his post he started writing in giant, bold, capital letters.

Here is the card I sent him:

2008 Bowman Chrome Jason Heyward Autograph 306/500

"Who the hell is Jason Heyward?" I asked myself...little did I know he would be a combination of Chipper Jones,Alex Rodriguez, and Christ himself. Here's a list of the recently completed auctions on eBay for this card and it's variations. Thank god I didn't pull a refractor because I don't know if I would be able to stand looking at those +$300 prices.

So dayf, I hope you love the hell out of this card. That every morning you jump out of bed, look at that card, and you can start the day with a smile! And Jason, if he ever hurts you, if he doesn't appreciate you for everything you are...like I once did...you can always come back to me and we can give it a second try.


Cardboard Icons said…
You really had no idea what you had sent him? Or were you being super generous?
LongFlyBall said…
Not to wish ill will on the guy but we are barely done with April. Let's see if ESPN still knows his name in July.
This is true.Tonight he was hitting .269. Not bad, but not superstar.
John Bateman said…
This card is great for the Hobby. I remember when I traded my 1984 Fleer update set in the summer 1985for some singles cards of late 70s and early 80s Mike Schmidts and Reggie Jacksons.

In the fall of 1985, every week I would look in the Sporting News and the price it would sell for kept going up and up and up. It went up to something like $300 and I got like $15 worth of card for it.

Not sure what it is worth now by I don't think it is worth $300
Matt Flaten said…
I can honestly say I had no idea he was a leading prospect..all it would have taken was a google search but that was a bit too much work. Now this was like a year ago...it wasn't like he was hitting homeruns in his first at bat yet.

And whene he was drafted I was out of baseball card collecting...it was the sort of baseball card perfect storm.
The Sports Card Karma Godz will repay you tenfold someday. Count on it.