April 23, 2010

A Fool And His Cards Are Soon Parted Or You Might As Well Rip Up My Baseball Blogging Card

About two years ago I bought a jumbo box of 2008 Bowman [I'm still working on that set btw]...I had recently returned to the hobby and this was my second box I'd purchased after 2008 Topps Series 1. I didn't really know much about the players beyond the bigger stars and as far as prospecting went...just forget about it.

So I received my "mojo" hits from the box...didn't recognize any names and filed them away. As I got the blog rolling and started doing trades with dayf of Cardboard Junkie I looked through my autographs/relics to see if I had any Braves. I did have one it turned out and so to repay dayf's generosity in trades I sent it to him. I knew I'd done something sort of stupid [not that dayf didn't deserve the card but...well...you know what I mean] when in his post he started writing in giant, bold, capital letters.

Here is the card I sent him:

2008 Bowman Chrome Jason Heyward Autograph 306/500

"Who the hell is Jason Heyward?" I asked myself...little did I know he would be a combination of Chipper Jones,Alex Rodriguez, and Christ himself. Here's a list of the recently completed auctions on eBay for this card and it's variations. Thank god I didn't pull a refractor because I don't know if I would be able to stand looking at those +$300 prices.

So dayf, I hope you love the hell out of this card. That every morning you jump out of bed, look at that card, and you can start the day with a smile! And Jason, if he ever hurts you, if he doesn't appreciate you for everything you are...like I once did...you can always come back to me and we can give it a second try.
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