At Least I Can Get A Blog Post Out Of It

To all you card bloggers out there...have you ever purchased a card thinking "there's got to be a post in there somewhere." Buying a Wally Joyner jersey card seemed like a good idea a few weeks ago. I enjoy collecting autographs and relics of semi-stars and at worst I could get a blog post out of it I thought to myself.

Well, this scan has been sitting in my drafts for two weeks now with no real ideas other than this:

"Surprising Wally Joyner facts:

He was traded from the Royals to the Padres guessed it...Bip Roberts."

I can always fall back on the old standard!

2006 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts #LM-WJ Jersey Relic #083/225


TheBrooklynMet said…
It is a nice looking card.
--David said…
Hahaha, nice! Don't you hate it when you get Bipped by one degree! Hey, we need a "six degrees of Bip Roberts" site!