My Day Has Come

There comes a time in every card blog’s life when they are obligated to do a post like this. My day has come today.

I now present my Rusty Kuntz collection:

1981 Topps #112 White Sox Future Stars

1981 Donruss #282 Rusty Kuntz

1982 Topps #237 Rusty Kuntz

1985 Fleer #14 Rusty Kuntz

1984 Topps #598 Rusty Kuntz

1990 Mother's Cookies #27 Mariners Coaches

Coming soon, my Dick Pole collection.


SpastikMooss said…
Hahahaha, you're beating me! I'm player collecting Kuntz and only have one of those cards. I do have one you don't though.
Johngy said…
When Kuntz was a 3rd base coach with the Pirates, my friends and I went to one of their home games. The year before, we saw a game where Mike Cubbage was a 3rd base coach. We cheered for him throughout the game. So that year, we cheered for Rusty Kuntz. It was all in fun, nothing offcolor, loud, constant or anything.
Kuntz even tipped his cap to us when entering the dugout once.
gritz76 said…
I love me some Rusty Kuntz!
Community Gum said…
Too bad you don't collect old racing cards. I'm sure there are some great Dick Trickle cards to be had.

madding said…
And to think, at one point Rusty Kuntz was apparently a Future Star.