Congratulations, It's A Blog

I'm a proud father of a blog, A Pack To Be Named Later, that was nominated for a 2009 Gummie Award for Best New Card Blog. And like new parents I don't get tired of telling people about it. Voting ends in about three days so be sure to vote on your laptop and then on your desktop and then again on your work computer and stop by your parent's house to pick up the odd piece of mail that gets sent to their address and then use their computer and vote again.


Captain Canuck said…
don't forget the internet cafe where you stop to get a coffee.
night owl said…
No offense to the other fine blogs in the category, but I voted for ya. I nominated ya, too.
dayf said…
Is that friggin' gummie bear Game of Death??

Another vote for you, my good sir.
Anonymous said…
Ya got my vote too. Sorry I haven't contributed more.
Matt, I didn't vote for you, sorry, but I have been reading it and digging it alot lately... Since I have a computer now I can branch out and ready more than 5 blogs per day. I do think it would be more fair (if folks voted 50 times) to mix it up and vote a few times for each of the 4 awesome blogs nominated. Oh, that wasn't meant to offend anyone elses blog, just my natural self deprecation. And by the way, I didn't know that was your blog baby. I started ripping packs more on my blog hoping that I would be considered as a contributor, but my phone never rang. That my friend, would have got you an extra vote! Good luck to you and your baby!
Peterson said…
honestly, I couldn't find a reason not to vote for APTBNL. All cantidates are strong in the burgeoning niche. I started reading around the third post and have been more than enthusiastic about the collab aspect of it all combined with some of our favorite innernet dudes, on cardboard or at keyboard.
bruce lee never looked better in gummy.
Kim said…
Wait... are those Kill Bill gummie bears?