January 23, 2010

2010 BS

So I talked some heavy shit about 2010 Topps this week and swore that I wouldn't collect the set this year. But I couldn't help buying a pack at Target last night just to confirm how horrible they are in person as well as in scans. And wouldn't you know it, I pulled a card that confirms the craptastic nature of this year's Topps base set:

2010 Topps #83 Mark Teahen

This card is...

Mark Teahen has never played a game as a member of the Chicago White Sox. He was traded by the Royals after the season was completed [November 5th] and so this card is a complete fabrication.

This kind of card has no place in Topps Series 1...We're trying to document what happened in 2009 not what is going to happen this year. They should do this for possibly Series II or have him in a White Sox uniform in 2010 Heritage but not in a set that is released before he plays a game for the new team. This stuff pisses me off way more than the short print variations that Stale Gum gets so angry about.
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