Update: Who Wants Free Cards?

UPDATE: Free Cards Day 2

We still have free cards available for the:

Royals [Zman40]
Yankees [Slette]
Rangers [Spiff]
Rockies [hiflew]
Marlins [RoofGod]
Brewers [The Jaw]
Phillies [LanceBurnitz]
Cardinals [burnsee2]

If you already have a team, feel free to grab a second one if any of these teams interest you...Captian Canuck, I've got you down for Blue Jays and Braves...

Original Post:

Today I went to the GT Sports Marketing card show over in Kansas City and along with a bunch of other cards that I'll highlight later I bought two boxes of cards...a box of 1997 Topps Stadium Club Series 2 and 2000 Upper Deck HOLOGrFX...It was a spur of the moment decision [both boxes were under $10] and since I'm only really interested in a couple of cards from the either set if you, Dear Reader, are interested in some free cards just leave me a comment with your choice of team and your email so I can get your address.

Available teams:

American League:
Orioles [Beardy]
Red Sox [SpastickMooss]
White Sox [White Sox Cards]
Indians [Night Owl]
Tigers [Don S.]
Royals [Zman40]
Angels [RWH]
Twins [I owe some Twins in a couple of trades so this one is already taken]
Yankees [Slette]
Athletics [tastelikedirt]
Mariners [This Is That Was Great]
Rays [hiflew]
Rangers [Spiff]
Blue Jays [Captain Canuck]

National League:
Diamondbacks [MDA]
Braves [Captain Canuck]
Cubs [wait 'till next year]
Reds [FanOFReds]
Rockies [hiflew]
Marlins [RoofGod]
Astros [Michel R.]
Dodgers [gcrl]
Brewers [The Jaw]
Mets [paulsrandomstuff]
Phillies [LanceBurnitz]
Pirates [Rod]
Padres [PunkRockPaint]
Giants [Fuji]
Cardinals [burnsee2]
Nationals [klandersen]


Anonymous said…
I'll be happy to take the Mets.
tastelikedirt said…
I'll be happy to take the A's.
SpastikMooss said…
I'm a Red Sox fan and would love those cards!
PunkRockPaint said…
I will take the Padres
PunkRockPaint said…
Mark Aubrey said…
Diamondbacks, please.

mark.aubrey AT gmail.com

Thank you.
Don said…
I will be more than happy to take the Tigers.

Steve Gierman said…
I could always use some extra White Sox. Thanks!

Captain Canuck said…
Braves for me please... if they are taken, I'll grab some Blue Jays.

beardy said…
I'll take the O's if they're available.
gcrl said…
dodgers, please
gcrl said…
gah. gcrl@comcast.net
Unknown said…
Cubs fan here . . .always appreciative: jadip516@gmail.com
night owl said…
Well, Dodgers taken already. I'll go with Indians as I owe some Tribe bloggers.

RWH said…
I'd love to take some Angels off your hands.
Fuji said…
i'd be interested in the giants...

hiflew said…
I'll take the Rays, please.
I'll take the Pirates. padrographs@live.com
Mariners since the Dodgers were spoken for dodgerbleu01@yahoo.com

AdamE said…
I little late for this. But would you be interested in some 1960 Topps Kansas Cit A's cards.
CaptKirk42 said…
This is a very kind thing you are doing here. Most would probably toss what they didn't want onto Ebay and hope to squeeze as much as they could get. I'm a Nats fan Thank you very much. klandersen@yahoo.com
Nachos Grande said…
I'd be interested in the Reds.
-Chris (fanofreds . auctions AT gmail . com)
Spiff said…
Would be interested in the Rangers, if you still have them. Thanks a bunch.

burnsee2 said…
Hey I'd be interested in the Cardinals! Thanks!
LanceBurnitz said…
I will take the Phillies please

Slette said…
I'll take the Yankees. Thanks man!
zman40 said…
I'll take the Royals if they are still available.
TheJaw said…
I would like the Brewers cards.

SpastikMooss said…
I have a team, but I'd take the Marlins too!
hiflew said…
I already have a team but I'll take the Rockies too if no one else has claimed them yet.

SpastikMooss said…
hiflew, want to trade red sox and rays? Just curioussss. I mostly just want the Fred McGriffs (if there are any)
RoofGod said…
Got to this post late. It looks like every team is now taken. Would like the Marlins if you don;t want to send two teams to someone.

SpastikMooss said…
RoofGod can have the marlins if he wants em haha. I feel bad taking two if he gets 0.