Joy of the Completed Set: Cards with a side of sausage (1991 Jimmy Dean Signature Edition)

I'm a big fan of this 1991 Jimmy Dean Signature Edition 25-card set that was the sausage maker's first foray into trading cards. As you can see from Ken Griffey Jr's No. 2 card, logos are airbrushed out of these unlicensed cards. Gary Sheffield's No. 7 card is a particularly great example. 

The collection of players is pretty solid with the only obvious player that couldn't stand the test of time being the Yankees' Kevin Maas. As far as value goes, they are pretty worthless junk wax with the Griffey Jr. being the only thing of any value.  

1991 was turning into the year of the yellow design alongside the hard to look at 1991 Fleer set but I prefer this one so much more as the red highlights limit the overall level of yellow required. I enjoy the Jimmy Dean logo front and center and you rarely get to see the MLB Players Association logo on the front of cards. 

It's called the "signature edition" because on the back you get a facsimile example of each player's autograph. 

Jimmy Dean made some more sets in 1992 and 1993 before taking off a year in 1994. They returned in 1995 with an All-Time Greats set but this one is my favorite. 


Fuji said…
All of the Jimmy Dean designs are okay, but if I had to choose a favorite I'd go with this one or the 1992 design.